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Manufacturer: Teoxane
Strength: 25mg/ml HA, 3mg/ml Lidocaine
Pack Size: 2 x 1ml Pre-Filled Syringes, 2 x 30G1/2” Needles
Accessories: Package insert, 4-30G 1/2″  medical needles, 4 medical traceability labels
Teosyal PureSense Redensity II is an advanced gel designed to treat the delicate and sensitive eye area. The product has a subtle mix of non cross-linked and cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is specifically indicated for under-eye circles and hollow eye-circles. The ingredients in Teosyal PureSense Redensity II helps to regenerate and restructure skin cells, while it protects the cells from oxidation. This improves the quality of the skin and provides a natural and long-lasting correction of tired looking eyes. Please be aware that the product cannot be used to treat sunken under-eye circles and malar bags. Indicated for treatment of the eye area, where it may restore volume to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Teosyal PureSense Redensity II is indicated for treatment of the eye area, where it may restore volume to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. This Teosyal variant is an injectable, light, viscoelastic gel that contains a mixture of cross-linked and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, lidocaine for pain relief, and amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Licensed medical professionals can buy Teosyal online from or by phone, fax, or email, as well as get information about delivery. When you buy wholesale Teosyal from Medica Depot, you can improve the skin in the eye area with little swelling or downtime.

In 1 box, you will receive:

2 pre-filled 1.0milliliter syringes;
4-30G1/2” needles;
1 package insert;
And 2 traceability labels.

Like many dermal fillers, this Teosyal variant is an injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid(HA). However, this unique formula also contains amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which help to promote skin health, as well as lidocaine for pain relief. Comes in a 15mg/ml concentration and contains a mixture of both cross-linked and non-crosslinked HA. This gives it light, viscoelastic properties that allow it to spread evenly throughout the treated area. Because the HA in this formulation is not intended for intense volumization, it is less likely to over-correct the eye area or cause swelling. This delicate spot can be difficult to correct with dermal fillers, because HA binds to ample moisture in the dermis, which can add too much volume. However, it has the right concentration of HA to correct the eye area without this difficulty.

Teosyal PureSense Redensity II possesses a rheological profile that is perfectly adapted to the fragile under-eye circle area. Made of cross-linked and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, this product adds or replenishes volume to correct the loss of density in aging skin. This product also contains Teoxane’s unique Dermo-Restructuring Complex aids in skin revitalization.

The solution contains 15mg of hyaluronic acid, 3mg of lidocaine hydrochloride, and a 1milliliter phosphate buffer.

Any Teosyal variant should only be administered by medical professionals trained in injection techniques for dermal fillers. Inject this product into the mid-dermis. Special injection techniques should be used for filling the circles under the eyes, in which injection is done in papules above the periosteum, slightly below the line of the dark circle. Then, the product must be spread quickly and massaged in order to position it correctly.

This unique filler should be used on patients with dark circles or wrinkles in the eye area. Depending on the type of medical or dermal corrections to be made, one or more treatment sessions may be necessary to obtain the desired effects. Subsequently, maintenance treatments are necessary to sustain these effects.

Specifically designed for use on the under-eye area. This includes under-eye circles, the tear trough, the palpebromalar groove, as well as minimal palpebral and malar bags.

Your patients will notice an improvement in their eye area almost immediately after their injection. As the hyaluronic acid binds with minimum moisture in the skin, it immediately restores skin thickness and subtle volume to the eye area. The other ingredients then work to improve the skin in the affected area. The results should last for about 1 year.

Suitable for treating patients who have dark circles or other issues in the periorbital area. This can include more mature patients who have thinning skin in their under-eye area due to aging, as well as younger patients who have dark circles. Its formula is light, requiring less pressure for injection, making it ideal for the delicate eye area.

The eye area can be difficult to treat, but this solution offers you a formula made specifically for this space. Buy wholesale Teosyal online from to fill tear troughs or perform other eye area corrections with less chance of swelling.

Teosyal PureSense Redensity II can cause some common side effects, such as swelling, erythema, and discomfort at the injection site. However, these usually resolve themselves within a few days of treatment. The formula has been designed to minimize swelling and bruising. It should not be used to treat patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid(HA). Since the HA is non-allergenic and does not come from an animal origin, you do not need to perform an allergy test before treating your patient. The HA also completely breaks down within the skin after a few months, leaving no trace.

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