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About Us

Medica Depot is an all-in-one portal supplying high-quality medical injectables and supplies. Our service offers you the chance to browse, compare, and obtain the most popular products on the market hassle-free. We aim to deliver the best service to medical clinics and spas worldwide.

We offer premium medical supplies to health professionals, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, licensed estheticians, and other specialists. Choose from genuine, brand name dermal fillers, mesotherapy treatments, orthopedic solutions, and many other genuine, brand name products to improve your patient’s quality of life. As well, you can find reviews for all of our products left by specialists like you—you can even leave your own.

We offer renowned aesthetic and medical brands from Europe, such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Teosyal®, Radiesse®, Orthovisc®, Hyalgan® and EUFLEXXA®®.

Our easy-to-navigate website enhances your experience by allowing you to review your order history and keep a list of your favorite products. If you wish to make a recurring purchase,just click the re-order button and have it delivered to your doorstep. Here at Medica Depot, we make it a priority to serve you better, so you can focus on helping your patients.


As we move forward towards our goal of being the premier world-class orthopedic and cosmetic supplier, helping people enjoy life whilst offering an affordable solution to health care, we intend to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience. From the welcome page to the moment your order reaches your doorstep, by virtue of a smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, and a friendly and helpful customer service team, we guarantee a fast, quality order experience with a clear and secure variety of payment methods.


Mission Statement

MedicaDepot is an established international medical company offering a wide variety of professional cosmetic and orthopedic solutions for health-care professionals around the world. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers get the highest quality products at competitive wholesale prices from Europe. We want to help you make the most of your medical business by providing you with the authentic, brand name dermal fillers and other products at the guaranteed lowest price. Our international team strives to ensure that our products and services are first-rate and of exceptional value. The customer service department will be happy to help you find the products that are best for you and your patients, organize quick, reliable and efficient shipment methods, and address any problems or concerns you may have. We want to build a strong and lasting relationship with customers like you, so we make it a priority to meet your individual needs. Here at MedicaDepot we search the world to bring you the best prices on wholesale cosmetic and orthopedic supplies from our network of licensed pharmaceutical suppliers and international partners.


What are the customer service hours of operation?

Hours of operation for live representatives are as follows: Mon – Fri 9AM to 12AM EST, Sat – Sun 10AM to 5PM EST. You can always place your order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I order if I am outside of Europe and Canada?

Yes, our products can be delivered to many countries across the globe outside of Europe and Canada. All importation and compliance with local laws and regulatory authorities are solely your responsibility.

Can I order from you?

You can order from us if you are an individual or corporation licensed to handle the products being ordered. We do not sell to unlicensed individuals under any circumstances. You can contact us about exact licensing requirements before proceeding with the order.

Is it possible for someone to place an order on my behalf (e.g. secretary)?

We require an authorization form signed by the licensed entity on file in order to allow third-party order placement. You may provide such material to us via fax, email, or you may get in touch with our customer service representatives and they will advise you on the best course of action.

Why should I buy from MedicaDepot?

Ordering from Medica Depot ensures that you receive the lowest price for genuine, brand name products. Our updated revised account area provides a better overview of your personal details, payment options, order history and tracking orders. We also have a feature called “favorites,” where you can create a list of your favorite products for future reference. We also have a reorder button on account history pages, which makes repeat orders a convenient and quick process.

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Are the products offered on your website genuine? How do I know that they are?

All products offered by Medica Depot are genuine, original items. Each product shipped comes in original manufacturer’s packaging, unadulterated and sealed. Please check the integrity of the packaging upon arrival.

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