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Durolane is a viscosupplement that is administered into the knee or hip for the treatment of pain from joint dysfunction such as osteoarthritis. Durolane is produced using cutting-edge technology that ensures durability of results. Intended for patients who have failed to respond to conventional therapies such as oral analgesics and physical therapy, this treatment is an effective method of delaying hip or knee replacement surgery. Durolane is made of hyaluronic acid, a molecule found abundantly in healthy synovial fluid that is responsible for lubricating and cushioning the joint. Durolane is often used by doctors for other synovial joints, including the ankles, wrists, shoulders, fingers, elbows, and toes. Unlike most viscosupplement therapies, which require undergoing a series of 3–5 injections, Durolane treatment is completed in just 1 session.

Durolane is administered by a licensed medical professional via intraarticular injection into the joint cavity to be treated, using an 18- to 22-gauge needle. If required, Durolane treatment is repeatable as deemed necessary. Certain patients may find immediate symptomatic relief, but most patients will notice an improvement 5 to 7 days after treatment. The benefits of treatment can last for up to 6 months, after which repeat treatments are needed to preserve the effects of Durolane treatment.

Treatment with Durolane injections has gained popularity quickly in countries like Australia and the USA. Join healthcare professionals growing their practice by adding Durolane to your treatment offerings. Cut costs with our wholesale prices, free shipping options and ongoing sales promotions.

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