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BIOREPEELCL3® is an innovative peel treatment that CMed Aesthetics (Italy) developed. It uses a 2-phase technology that combines bio-stimulation, revitalization, and peeling substances to rejuvenate the skin. Through a strategic combination of active ingredients, this treatment stimulates skin cells, promotes exfoliation, boosts hydration, and enhances collagen production. BIOREPEELCL3® can be used on multiple body areas, including the face, neck, chest, back, and hands, to treat acne, sun damage, and aging signs, making this treatment a right fit for everyone. Buy BIOREPEELCL3® on Medica Depot.


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Discover BIOREPEELCL3®, an innovative peel treatment. By stimulating skin cells, promoting exfoliation, boosting hydration, and enhancing collagen production, BIOREPEELCL3® effectively addresses acne, sun damage, and signs of aging on various body areas. Purchase BIOREPEELCL3® on Medica Depot for optimal results.

What Is BIOREPEELCL3® Used For?

BIOREPEELCL3® is a widely popular non-invasive treatment aimed at addressing various skin concerns. This treatment reduces damage caused by UV light, pigmentation, or acne and centers around gentle exfoliation as its core essence. 

The potent stimulation of biosynthetic processes plays a crucial role in rejuvenating and restoring the skin’s structure. Moreover, it proves beneficial for youthful skin, particularly in the acute stages of acne and blackheads, addressing recent or “fresh” scarring and effectively treating fine wrinkles.

How Long Does BIOREPEELCL3® Last?

Patients will see improvements such as smoother skin texture, less visible lines, or lighter pigmentation immediately after the BIOREPEELCL3® treatment. These improvements can last for several weeks to a few months. How long BIOREPEELCL3® lasts mostly depends on the patient’s skin type, the specific skin concerns they are addressing, and their overall skincare routine. 

Regular sessions every 1 to 3 months are often recommended for sustained results. This will help keep the skin continuously refreshed and revitalized. Remember, for optimal results and safety, we recommend that individuals who buy BIOREPEELCL3® for their business have them administered by licensed professionals.

BIOREPEELCL3® Ingredients -We’re Gonna Talk About This Until You’re Blue in the Face

As we have already mentioned, BIOREPEELCL3® uses a unique blend of ingredients, with each playing a critical role in skin rejuvenation and care.

These are trichloroacetic acid (TCA) for improving skin texture. Alpha, beta, and polyhydroxy acids combat acne and brighten skin. Additionally, with a combination of vitamins, amino acids, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), this treatment is mostly used for reducing lines and wrinkles, thus countering skin aging effects by UV radiation and pollution. Also, by stimulating fibroblasts, this treatment increases cell turnover and collagen production for long-lasting effects for the patient’s skin.

BIOREPEELCL3® Side Effects

Just like with any aesthetic treatment, some minor side effects may occur after the BIOREPEELCL3® skin treatment.

Redness: Patients might notice some redness on their skin. This is a common BIOREPEELCL3® side effect for skin and typically subsides within a few hours.

Tingling is another common side effect. Patients may feel a tingling sensation on their skin during or immediately after the procedure, which usually fades quickly.

Slight swelling: Some patients may experience slight swelling, particularly in areas with sensitive skin. This side effect usually subsides in a day or two.

Dryness and peeling: BIOREPEELCL3® promotes exfoliation so it is not uncommon for patients to experience dryness or peeling for a couple of days after the skin treatment. This is usually resolved within a week.

Skin sensitivity: Some patients must avoid direct sun exposure for a few days post-treatment since their skin might be more sensitive to sunlight.

For aftercare, Biorepeel BioReHydra is a post-treatment product, which comes in a form of a gel with a fast-absorbing and light texture.

Where Can I Buy BIOREPEELCL3®?

You can buy BIOREPEELCL3® skincare treatment at most distributors recognized by medical professionals. Luckily, Medica Depot has been a trusted medical supplier for health professionals, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other specialists looking to buy care cosmetics. For over 15 years, we offer our clients the opportunity to shop for premium products online, including . Not only that, but you can buy BIOREPEELCL3® online at wholesale price on our website, regardless of your location. Their full product line, developed to fulfill various needs in aesthetic medicine, presents a reliable choice for licensed practitioners and patients who seek quality, variety, and the possibility to purchase BIOREPEELCL3® online.

BIOREPEELCL3® Product Line


BIOREPEELCL3® BODY offers a revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation, catering specifically to the needs of the body’s largest organ. Engineered with meticulous precision, this advanced formula combines the potency of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with a unique blend of biomimetic peptides, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid. Through its meticulously crafted composition, BIOREPEELCL3® BODY exfoliates and stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative processes, addressing a myriad of concerns from cellulite to stretch marks with unparalleled efficacy.

The power of BIOREPEELCL3® BODY lies in its ability to penetrate deeply, targeting imperfections at their source while promoting collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity. Its tailored formulation ensures controlled exfoliation, minimizing downtime and maximizing results. Medical professionals can trust in the comprehensive support provided by our customer service team, ensuring seamless integration of this innovative solution into their practice. Elevate your skincare offerings with BIOREPEELCL3® BODY and unveil the true potential of skin transformation.


Unlock the ultimate solution for facial rejuvenation with BIOREPEELCL3® FND, a groundbreaking treatment designed to revitalize and renew the skin’s appearance. Crafted with precision, this formula harnesses the power of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in combination with potent peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid to deliver transformative results. Peels, an integral component of skincare, are elevated to new heights with BIOREPEELCL3® FND’s innovative approach, targeting a spectrum of concerns including fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture.

By promoting cellular turnover and collagen synthesis, BIOREPEELCL3® FND restores vitality to the skin, unveiling a radiant complexion that exudes youthfulness. Its unique content ensures optimal efficacy and safety, underpinning its status as a trusted choice among medical professionals worldwide. Experience the pinnacle of skincare excellence with BIOREPEELCL3® FND, supported by our dedicated customer service team committed to facilitating seamless integration and ongoing success in your practice. Transform your patients’ skin and redefine their confidence with BIOREPEELCL3® FND.

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