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In order to order through Medica Depot there is a very specific process that must be adhered to for the purpose of safety and license verification. When you sign up with Medica Depot you will not be able to immediately place an order. Upon registering online or by phone, your account will be created, at which time a customer verification team will validate the information you provided. Only once we have been able to verify your information including your license number will your account be fully activated. Upon your account being verified and activated you will receive an email notifying you of this. After this process has been completed you can now place your orders online or by calling in at 1-866-892-2032 and speaking to one of our customer service representatives.


It is a strict requirement of ours that you are a licensed medical professional with prescriptive authority in your jurisdiction, or that you posses a license that allows you to purchase the products you are ordering. Medica Depot does not allow orders from the general public with a prescription. If we are unable to verify your license through our normal methods, we may request that you provide a copy of your license so that we can proceed with your validation. Please note however that being in possession of a valid license does not mean that your account will be approved for purchasing, as this is at the sole discretion of the Medica Depot team. We will not for example accept orders or accounts for any products to be shipped to a jurisdiction outside of which the license is issued in. You must be licensed in the jurisdiction to which your orders are shipped.

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