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JALUPRO®, a renowned brand in the field of cosmetic dermatology, provides an exquisite selection of dermal fillers infused with amino acids, meticulously designed for enhancing skin rejuvenation and combating the signs of aging. By choosing to buy JALUPRO® products, you benefit from their high-grade composition, effectively targeting various signs of aging, from fine lines to a loss of skin elasticity. Browse through this page to discover the intricacies of JALUPRO®'s advanced formulations, their clinical application, and availability.


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Jalupro offers a range of revitalizing skin treatments, including dermal fillers, face covers, and an enhancer gel. The cosmetic injectables work to reduce the appearance of sun damage, stretch marks, and various signs of aging by stimulating collagen production.

Jalupro Revitalizing Skin Treatments: Facial Fillers, Sheet Masks, and Enhancer Gel

Added amino acids help nourish the skin so it can repair itself from the inside out. As well, the Jalupro enhancer gel helps to darken, strengthen, and lengthen lashes and brows for a more glamorous look. This innovative line of biorevitalizers is manufactured by Professional Derma, a company specializing in the development of medical devices.

What makes a good candidate?

Clients over the age of 18 looking to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and signs of aging are great candidates for Jalupro injectables. As well, those who wish to refresh their appearance, or enhance their eyelashes can consider at-home treatments, such as the Jalupro face covers and enhancer gel.

Areas treated with this product:

  • Face
  • Neck and decollete
  • Hands
  • Underarms
  • Abdomen
  • Inner thighs and knee region

Jalupro Enhancer Gel: This treatment is meant for stimulating growth and strengthening the eyelashes and eyebrows. The unique formulation encourages collagen production and protects against the damage caused by free radicals. This strengthens the hair follicles to promote healthy, thicker looking lashes and brows.

Face Covers: These unique face covers come in 3 shapes for the face, eyes, and decollete and neck. With a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and amino acids, the dermal solution is easily absorbed by the skin. This works to hydrate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Jalupro and Jalupro HMW: The cosmetic injectables help to revitalize the skin to reduce the appearance of photo-aging, superficial to medium lines, and stretch marks. The solutions can be used in combination with chemical peels and other dermal treatments.

How does it work?

Fibroblasts are essential to healthy, radiant skin. Aging and other factors, including diet, smoking, and overexposure to the sun, decreases fibroblast activity. This can affect the skin’s tone, elasticity, and volume, making your patient appear older than they are. Jalupro products provide the nutritional support of amino acids, which help to boost fibroblasts activity and restore the skin’s natural structure. The Jalupro enhancer gel uses red clover extract for its antioxidant properties, which helps to protect and strengthen the hair follicle.

Treatment details

Before administering Jalupro, you have to recompose its contents. Dissolve the powder (B) with the liquid (A) to produce a clear, injectable solution.

Disinfect the area, and administer a numbing agent if needed. Using micropapular, linear, grid-shaped, or fan injection techniques, inject along the wrinkle. Lightly massage the area to mold the area.

The Jalupro enhancer gel can be used safely by the patient at home. It is suggested the gel be used twice daily for the first month, and once daily to maintain the results afterwards.

How long does Jalupro last?

The results of the dermal fillers can last up to 6 months; however, you may need to do a follow up treatment prior for optimal results. Ensure that treatments are spaced at least 3 days apart. The use of Jalupro sheet masks and enhancer gel will require consistent use for the maintenance of the results.

Safety information

Other than the irritation after the application at the treatment site, Jalupro is a safe dermal product to use. Some side effects may only be relevant to certain treatments. These effects may include skin irritation and hypersensitivity. These products are not recommended for patients with a known hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate or any other components used, pregnant or breastfeeding patients, or areas with a silicone implant. Refer to the Jalupro product leaflet for relevant safety guidance, including precautions, contraindications, and side effects.

Recovery time

Treatments with Jalupro do not require any down time. After the insertions, the patient can return to their regular activities. Jalupro face covers and the eye enhancer are safe to use at home and can be used in the patient’s weekly or daily skincare routine.

Cost of Jalupro

The beauty products can cost your clients $40 and up. Dermal fillers can range in price, with the average being between $500 and $800. The cost of Jalupro treatment in your client is determined by you.


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