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JALUPRO® 2x30mg/3ml + 2x100mg

Mesotherapy for skin imperfections
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Pack Size: 2 vials
Manufacturer: Professional Derma SA
Origin: Europe

Product Specifications

Product Name: JALUPRO®.
Active Composition: Sodium Hyaluronate 30mg; Water for injection 3ml; Glycine 50mg; L-Proline 37.6 mg; L-Lysine monohydrochloride 5.4 mg; L-Leucine 7mg.
Volume & Packaging: Two vials (A). Each vial contains 30 mg of sterile Sodium hyaluronate. Two ampules (B). Each contains 100 mg of a mixture of freeze-dried amino acids.
Manufacturer: Professional Dietetics S.r.L..
Origin: Europe.
Accessory: Package Insert only.
Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight or rain.
Note: Sterile packaging .


JALUPRO® is a sterile reabsorbable injection solution which acts: as a tissue lubricant which can be used for minimizing evidence of skin wrinkles of the face; acting as a filler; as adjuvant in the physical or chemical treatments such as peeling, laser therapy, dermoabrasion, radiofrequency, dermal filler, botulinum toxin, etc. JALUPRO® is an implantable medical device intended for the correction of defects in the following areas of the face: nose-labial creases; increase of the lips; crow's feet; wrinkles at the sides of the lips; acne scars; glabella wrinkles; frontal wrinkles; increase of the cheek bones. JALUPRO® is composed of two small bottles (B) each one containing lyophilized Amino Acids (Glycine, L-Proline, L-Leucine, L-Lysine) and two vials (A), each one including Sodium Hyaluronate which must be mixed together with Amino Acids. Before intradermal administration, the product must be reconstituted and the freeze powder (B) dissolved with the solution contained in the vial (A), obtaining a clear and particles free solution. For the use, employ sterile syringes, the measure of the needle is chosen by the physician who carry out the implant. This product is intended for the exclusive use of medical staff.

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