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woman receiving a dermal filler injection at a spa
Seasonal Trends in Aesthetic Treatments

As we approach the end of 2023, the aesthetic medicine industry continues to transform. Not only technological advancements but also the periodic shift in preferences of individuals seeking enhancement are influencing this change. Patients often seek procedures that address the...

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closeup of a woman getting a chemical peel treatment
Best Chemical Peels: Our Top Picks

The notion of chemical peels might not initially entice you due to potential facial redness and sensitivity. Yet, these peels are a potent solution against hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. As lasers edge out deep peels, the global trend leans...

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woman smiling while applying a skincare product on her cheek
Fall Skin Care: Routines and Tips for Radiant Skin

Transitioning between seasons always necessitates adjustments in our skin care routine, as the skin must adapt to changing environmental conditions. Autumn marks a transitional period during which the skin, accustomed to the summer warmth, must acclimate to the brisk winds,...

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woman smiling while getting several cosmetic procedures
Applying RESTYLANE®: Cannula vs. Needle

With more and more people leaning toward swift and non-invasive procedures that promise instant results, dermal fillers like RESTYLANE® have become the go-to treatment for facial rejuvenation. Although a highly safe procedure, the type of approach used for administering dermal...

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closeup of liporase injection
How To Use Liporase: Safe & Effective Enzyme-Based Filler Dissolution

In aesthetic medicine, achieving the perfect look requires a strategic approach that sometimes means undoing previous treatments. Enter Liporase, an enzyme-based filler dissolver that has gained popularity for its ability to safely and effectively correct unwanted filler results. In this...

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Woman with closed eyes applying moisturizer on face.
Rejuvenating Effects of Facial Hydrofilling

Facial Hydrofilling – A ‘Youthful’ Solution Even today, an individual’s appearance influences how they are perceived socially and in their careers. Popular culture and media icons endorse the portrayal of radiant, flawless skin free from wrinkles. A youthful, supple skin...

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Plastic surgery concept. Hyaluronic acid injection
How To Address Hyaluronic Acid Side Effects

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human body, primarily in the skin, connective tissues, and joints. Its remarkable ability to retain water molecules makes it a crucial component in products for maintaining skin hydration, volume, and elasticity....

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closeup of the botox upper face injection
Avoiding Complications With Upper Face Botox Treatments

Upper face treatments with Botox often revolve around the mitigation of frown lines, commonly referred to as glabellar or “11” lines, which form due to the hyperactivity of specific muscles, primarily the corrugator supercilii and procerus muscles, which are responsible...

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closeup of an ultrasound exam
Ultrasound-Guided Injections: Techniques and Benefits

The need for extreme precision and safety in various medical procedures has led to the development of innovative techniques and their widespread adoption. Among these, ultrasound-guided injections are one of the most popular options. The usage of ultrasound during injections...

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young woman applying a skincare product
Preventive Aging Treatments for People in Their Early 20s

Aesthetic medicine has witnessed a remarkable surge in demand among younger millennials and Generation Z in or entering their 20s. These demographics exhibit unique characteristics and preferences regarding their appearance and are already concerned about how to look younger in...

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