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ELRAVIE fillers are a series of premium, monophasic dermal fillers created using HI technology (High Molecular Ideal Reticulated Matrix). It’s important to buy ELRAVIE fillers from a reliable source, like Medica Depot, to ensure a safe, minimal-risk procedure. This technology crosslinks hyaluronic acid, reducing the amount of residual BDDE and minimizing the risk of swelling and allergic reactions. These fillers offer more voluminous and long-lasting results compared to regular fillers, which typically last around three to six months.

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What Is Elravie Premier, and How Does it Work?

Elravie Premier are monophasic dermal fillers based on non-animal origin hyaluronic acid, created using HI technology (High molecular Ideal Reticulated Matrix). The technology involves the activation of hyaluronic acid molecules, which leads to the formation of the highest number of BDDE bonds with HA molecules during the crosslinking process.

It reduces the amount of residual BDDE, significantly reducing the risk of swelling and allergic reactions after the procedure. Moreover, the products are easily absorbed by the skin and provide rejuvenating results for up to 9 months.

Elravie Premier manufacturer offers a product line that consists of five products:

  1. Balance.
  2. Premier Light.
  3. Premier Ultra Volume L (2 ml).
  4. Premier Ultra Volume L (1 ml).
  5. Premier Deep Line L.

Elravie products including Elravie Premier Ultra, Deep Line L, and others, contain hyaluronic acid in different concentrations and have the following effects on the skin:

  • Accelerate the production of young cells;
  • Strengthen the collagen framework;
  • Increase oxygen supply;
  • Slow down the aging process;
  • Attract and retain moisture;
  • Create volume in the tissues.

The impact results in smoothed skin, a healthy color, and elasticity. Visually, the patient appears 5-8 years younger, well-groomed, and refreshed. Elravie products that provide volume sharpen the face’s contour, increasing cheek and lip volume.

As a trusted supplier of Elravie Premier, Premier Ultra, Deep Line L and other variants, Medica Depot provides healthcare professionals with access to the complete range of cosmetic products, ensuring affordable prices and efficient solutions for their patients’ needs.

What Is This Product Used for?

Elravie Premier products are used for biorevitalization and contouring. The first treatment is indicated for young patients with dull, dry skin and early appearance of wrinkles. Contouring procedures are performed for age-related changes of moderate to profound severity and for those desiring to enhance the contours of the cheeks, lips, chin, or nose. Both procedures can be done independently or to enhance the effects of plastic surgery.

Elravie fillers address several concerns, including:

  • Wrinkles and circles around the eyes, crow’s feet;
  • Horizontal creases on the forehead;
  • Folds around the mouth;
  • Pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • Dryness and loss of skin elasticity, resulting in fine wrinkles;
  • Loss of defined facial contour;
  • Asymmetry;
  • Age-related changes in the skin of the neck and décolletage;
  • Volume loss in the areas of cheeks, lips, and chin is caused by aging;
  • Undefined facial features, naturally thin lips.

How Long Does It Last?

The aesthetic effect of Elravie Premier lasts 9-12 months.

Is It Safe?

Elravie Premier is a brand of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers commonly used for facial rejuvenation and contouring purposes. When ordered from a reliable Elravie Premier or Elravie Premier Ultra wholesaler and administered by a qualified and experienced medical professional, the medication is considered safe.

Treatment Benefits

Among the advantages, beauticians note:

  • Noticeable rejuvenating results;
  • Naturalness in facial modeling due to the flexible structure of volumizing agents;
  • Minimum side effects for the same reason;
  • The effect lasts up to 9-12 months;
  • Low risk of allergies;
  • Improved patient experience, confirmed by numerous Elravie Premier reviews.
  • Comfortable administration of products, thanks to lidocaine in their composition.

Side Effects

Despite the safety of the Elravie series such as Deep Line L, the products should not be used when there is the presence of certain diseases and conditions:

  • Autoimmune pathologies;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Infections;
  • Pus-filled eruptions;
  • Elevated blood glucose levels;
  • Reduced blood clotting ability;
  • Intolerance to the components of the product;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Immediately after the injections, changes may appear on the skin in the area of substance administration:

  • Redness;
  • Unevenness at injection sites;
  • Swelling;
  • Pain, burning, itching.

These harmless side effects typically resolve on their own within 1-3 days.

Aftercare Procedure

After contouring and biorevitalization with Elravie, it is important to follow these guidance recommendations:

  1. Protect the skin from unnecessary touching and dust.
  2. Avoid using makeup for 1-3 days.
  3. Refrain from peels and scrubs for 7-10 days.
  4. Delay sun exposure, heat exposure, and strenuous physical activities.
  5. Avoid consuming alcohol and blood-thinning medications.

What Is It Made of?

Fillers contain hyaluronic acid in different concentrations (depending on the product) and lidocaine anesthetic as the main Elravie ingredients.


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