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Buy SUPARTZ® from an authorized wholesaler, offering competitive costs exclusively to certified specialists or medical clinics. Discover the benefits of SUPARTZ®, crafted for knee osteoarthritis, which utilizes hyaluronic acid to enhance joint function, providing enduring pain relief and improved mobility. Developed by Vivacy Laboratories, SUPARTZ® features a unique formulation with cross-linked hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, surpassing traditional wrinkle filling. The revolutionary IPN-Like Technology ensures optimal product rheology, delivering cohesive gel properties and lasting results for up to 18 months.

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What Is Supartz, And How Does It Work?

Intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid are a modern and effective treatment method used to treat arthrosis of various joints, especially in the early stages. Also, this method is used in the rehabilitation period after surgical interventions to restore homeostasis in the joint quickly.

Hyaluronic acid preparations are also called “liquid prostheses” or “liquid implants.” By significantly reducing dependence on analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, these treatments offer long-lasting therapeutic benefits. They can slow down the progression of osteoarthritis, potentially delaying the need for joint replacement surgery.

Supartz is a viscosupplementation that contains sodium hyaluronate (HA), a biological substance found in the joints, and is a valuable option for clients with knee pain. When injected into the affected joint, Supartz helps restore joint function by improving lubrication, reducing pain, and enhancing mobility, according to Supartz reviews.

What Is Supartz Used For, And How Does It Work?

Supartz is primarily used to treat osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease characterized by the breakdown of cartilage in the knee joint.

Synovial fluid in the knee joints softens the friction of cartilaginous articular surfaces. It acts as a viscous lubricant during slow movements of the joints and as an elastic shock absorber during fast movements.

HA is the main component of joint fluid, and patients with osteoarthritis have an insufficient concentration of hyaluronic acid in it. Injections of HA help restore the normal properties of joint fluid, thus, reducing the pain and discomfort associated with this problem to some extent.

The therapeutic effects of intra-articular application of Supartz can be divided into short-term and long-term. The injection instantly provides high-quality intra-articular lubrication, improving the viscoelastic properties of the fluid in the joints.

Additionally, HA possesses local anti-inflammatory properties by increasing the synthesis of prostaglandins and suppressing the production of inflammatory mediators. It has analgesic effects by reducing the synthesis of bradykinin and substance P and long-term chondroprotective action.

These injections increase the production of endogenous HA and prevent cartilage destruction, promoting its regeneration.

Supartz courses of treatment can significantly improve joint function and reduce pain syndrome. In severe cases, it can even postpone the need for surgical interventions on the knee joint. When non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) fail to bring relief from osteoarthritis pain or when people experience side effects like stomach bleeding and kidney issues from these drugs, this therapy becomes a preferred option.

It’s particularly effective for clients who have not responded well to conservative options such as pain medications or physical therapy. Supartz doses are administered directly into the knee joint to alleviate pain, improve joint function, and enhance the patient’s quality of life.

Intra-articular injections of HA are given once a week, only 3-5 doese per course of treatment.

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How Long Do Results Last?

The duration of Supartz’s effects can vary from patient to patient. A single treatment cycle typically consists of three to five doses administered over several weeks.

The beneficial effects of Supartz can last several months, relieving pain and improving joint function.

However, the longevity may vary depending on factors such as:

  • the severity of the condition,
  • the patient’s response,
  • Individual’s activity level.

Is It Safe?

Supartz is manufactured according to all safety protocols, has a favorable safety profile when used appropriately, and is approved by the FDA.

But, like any medical intervention, there are potential risks and adverse effects to be aware of. It is essential to screen patients for any contraindications, such as:

  • Problems with blood coagulation;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Infection in the knee joint;
  • Skin infection above the knee joint;
  • Allergic reaction to the components of Supartz;
  • Pregnancy or preparation for conception;
  • Breastfeeding.

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Treatment Benefits

Supartz offers several benefits for clients with knee osteoarthritis:

  1. It provides effective pain relief, allowing patients to engage in daily activities with reduced discomfort.
  2. Supartz improves joint function, restoring mobility and range of motion. This can significantly enhance the patient’s quality of life and enable them to participate in physical activities they enjoy.
  3. Supartz is a non-surgical option, offering a convenient and minimally invasive treatment approach for osteoarthritis.

Side Effects

While Supartz is generally well-tolerated, there are potential risks that clients should be aware of. Side effects are rare and may include:

  • Mild pain at the injection site;
  • Swelling of the knee;
  • Skin rashes and itching;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea and short-term diarrhea.

These symptoms are typically transient and resolve on their own. Serious side effects like an infection or allergic reactions are rare but should be promptly addressed if they occur.

Doctors must educate clients about potential side effects and monitor them closely during and after application.


After the Supartz injection, patients should be advised to avoid strenuous activities or weight-bearing exercises for 48 hours to prevent joint swelling. It is essential to note that standing for more than 1 hour during the first 48 hours after the injection is unacceptable.

Ice packets and over-the-counter pain relievers can be recommended to alleviate any discomfort or swelling at the injection site.

Physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises may be recommended to maximize the benefits of Supartz and promote joint strength and flexibility.

Regular follow-up appointments should be scheduled to monitor the patient’s progress and address any concerns.

Product Ingredients

The primary active ingredient in Supartz is highly purified sodium hyaluronate extracted from rooster combs.

The hyaluronic acid used in Supartz is derived from microbial fermentation, ensuring its purity and effectiveness. It is free from animal proteins, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.


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