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Neauvia emerges as a new player in the dermal filler market, bringing a significant change with its emphasis on natural and lasting results via the highest quality ingredients. Pioneering biomimetic technology, Neauvia brings innovation to cosmetic procedures, offering sustained benefits, compatibility across various treatments, and distinctive features like collagen stimulation. Discover the reasons behind the widespread preference among medical professionals who buy Neauvia for their practices.


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Crafted by Neauvia Organic, their hyaluronic acid-based fillers utilize innovative manufacturing ingredients of the highest quality.

Setting Neauvia Organic products apart is the exceptional purity of its compounds, featuring hyaluronic acid sourced from Bacillus Subtilis, coupled with innovative PEG cross-linked manufacturing processes.

This approach produces high-quality dermal fillers that closely resemble biological components and achieve natural-looking results.

The Neauvia Organic product line offers specialized formulations for wrinkles and facial contouring, suitable for both men and women. These fillers stimulate collagen production, ensure optimal rheology, and seamlessly complement various cosmetic procedures.

Why Choose This Brand?

Whether considering individual use or opting to order Neauvia wholesale, these benefits solidify Neauvia products as an outstanding choice in the field. However, note that all treatments with Neauvia require assistance from a medical professional.

Here are a few of the benefits that make Neauvia stand out:

  • Long-Lasting Effects: The effects should last between nine months and two years due to innovative molecular bonding.
  • Compatibility with Cosmetic Procedures: Compatible with laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency procedures. This compatibility allows for a more comprehensive approach to skin care.
  • Non-Toxic and Biocompatible: Stated to be non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fully biocompatible.
  • Gradual and Natural Degradation: The fillers naturally degrade over time through the action of skin enzymes and are eliminated from the tissues. This gradual degradation may contribute to a natural-looking and subtle transition.

Product Range

Here are some of their popular products that demonstrate the wide range of Neauvia fillers available on Medica Depot:

NEAUVIA™ ORGANIC INTENSE ROSE is a dermal filler designed to correct lipoatrophy and tissue augmentation. Because of its high hyaluronic acid concentration and viscoelasticity, it can provide considerable volume effects.

Sold in a package that contains 1 ml of 28mg/mL PEG (polyethylene glycol) cross-linked hyaluronic acid with amino acids (glycine and L-proline)

The package comes equipped with a syringe for application. The effects of the treatment with NEAUVIA™ ORGANIC INTENSE ROSE last up to 15 months.

NEAUVIA™ ORGANIC STIMULATE improves the density and volume of tissue and can be applied on various body parts that require filling. It stimulates collagen production as well as boosts tissue volume.

This product from Neauvia comes for sale in a 1ml dose equipped with a syringe and a HA-PEG concentration of 26mg/ml.

The effects of NEAUVIA™ ORGANIC STIMULATE can last up to 15 months.

NEAUVIA™ ORGANIC HYDRO DELUXE restores a youthful look to the skin that needs improved elasticity. It hydrates the skin while correcting pigmentation concerns and giving it a firmer appearance.

The product package has two 2.5ml syringes containing the viscoelastic hydrogel in the 18mg/ml concentration. Effects are immediate after the treatment and can last 6 to 9 months on average.

Neauvia vs Competition

If you are looking to purchase Neauvia online for your clinic but are still not convinced that they are the right choice, take a look at what sets it apart from the competition:

  • Biomimetic Properties: Closely mimic the properties of biological material. This is likely to contribute to natural-looking and harmonious results.
  • Optimal Rheology: The unique properties of the PEG polymer and the precise determination of hyaluronic acid’s molecular weight are claimed to contribute to the optimal rheology of these fillers.
  • Product Line for Men: Neauvia has a specific product line designed for male skin, addressing the unique needs and characteristics of skin care men.

Where Can I Buy It?

For over 15 years, Medica Depot has been a recognized online source for quality brand items. Medical professionals can rely on us for a comprehensive range of medical supplies from top brands, regardless of location.

At Medica Depot, you’ve found the best place to purchase Neauvia for licensed users. We provide competitive prices, expertise, and extra benefits like bulk buy options and free delivery! So don’t hesitate and order today!


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