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Teosyal is a range of non-pyrogenic, transparent, viscoelastic gels made from hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. These fillers are effective, safe, and long lasting. The hyaluronic acid is highly biocompatible, contributing to immediate and long lasting results.


Teosyal’s patented technology makes these fillers extremely hydrating and they work to create a dense support structure under the skin. These cosmetic injectables work to fill in superficial to deep-set lines and wrinkles in the face, augment the lips, and enhance facial contours.

Teosyal is the perfect anti-aging solution for patients who want to regain their youthful appearance without having invasive surgery. It is suitable for adult patients who are looking for long-lasting age-defying results. To prevent anaphylaxis, the fillers should not be used in patients who have known hypersensitivities to hyaluronic acid. Do not use these injectables in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Information About Our Teosyal Products


Areas treated with Teosyal

  • Crow’s feet – Inject into the superficial dermis to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Facial contours – Inject into the mid to deep layers of the dermis to enhance the cheeks, jawline, or nose.
  • Sunken features – Restore facial volume.
  • Lips – Reshape, augment, or hydrate the lips.
  • Nasolabial folds – Correct nasolabial folds and other lines and wrinkles in the perioral area.
  • Forehead – Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


How does Teosyal work

Due to the natural aging process and environmental aggressors, such as exposure to sun, pollution, or smoking, your patient’s skin tends to lose more and more hyaluronic acid within the skin tissues. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for skin hydration, and the lack of it causes the skin to sag and become dehydrated. In turn, lines and wrinkles are formed. Teosyal dermal fillers effectively replenishes the lost hyaluronic acid, hydrating the dermal tissues for a smooth and youthful appearance.


Treatment details

It is imperative that you examine your patient’s skin before commencing on any procedure. Review your patient’s medical history to determine if they are a good candidate for Teosyal injections. Discuss the expected results and possible side effects with your patients.

Discuss the appropriate before and aftercare methods prior to the procedure. This can help reduce the duration of injection-related responses.

Clean the skin to remove any makeup, and use an antiseptic solution to disinfect the treatment area. Use a local anesthesia if needed.

Inject the filler with the provided needle. The gel is formulated to inject easily. If there is resistance, reposition the needle.

The depth of the injection depends on the filler. Review the product pamphlet for injection techniques and relevant indications.


How long Teosyal does last

The duration of the effects varies among patients and the fillers. Teosyal boasts immediately visible results. The longevity of the results will also depend on the severity of the correction, the lifestyle of your patient, and their age. On average, the results of Teosyal fillers can last for 6 to 9 months.


Safety information

As the hyaluronic acid is not of animal origin, adverse effects, including allergic reactions, are rare.

Some common side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Transient erythema (redness)
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Itching
  • Bruising

These side effects are not permanent and will resolve themselves within a few days after injection. If the symptoms persist, your patient should contact you for treatment options.

These fillers are contraindicated in:

  • Pregnant patients;
  • Breastfeeding patients;
  • Patients with a hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • Patients undergoing immunotherapy;
  • Patients with a history of hypertrophic scarring.

Certain aftercare methods can help speed up the recovery of common side effects. Ask you patient to avoid makeup for up to 12 hours after the procedure. As well, they should avoid extreme temperatures and pools until the inflammatory effects have resolved.

Recovery time

It usually takes a few days for the skin to heal, although recovery time varies among patients. The recovery time largely depends on the number of injections performed and the location of treatment site. In some patients, swelling may last up to 10 days. Other than this, patients can return to their daily routines immediately after the procedure.


Cost of Teosyal

The total cost of these is determined by a number of factors—including the type of filler and the number of syringes needed. The price of Teosyal treatments also varies between regions. You patient can expect the pay up to $800 for a treatment.  

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