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Brand: Teosyal

Manufacturer: Teoxane
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine
Strength: 25mg/milliliter, 3mg/milliliter
Pack Size: 2-1milliliter prefilled syringes
Accessories: Package insert, 4-27G 1/2” needles, 4 traceability labels
TEOSYAL® PURESENSE DEEPLINES is used for in-depth filling of highly pronounced wrinkles. TEOSYAL® PURESENSE DEEPLINES has an optimal viscoelastic profile, adapted for treating severe nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The product contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic, for a more comfortable injection. Indicated for the treatment of imperfections lines and creases on the face, cheek augmentation, and restoration of facial shape.

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1 - 5 $169.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines is an injectable gel made of pure, monophasic, homogeneous, non-animal hyaluronic acid with lidocaine for pain relief. It is suitable for injection into the mid- to deep dermal layer for deep wrinkle correction, facial sculpting, and contouring, as well as into the lip mucosa for lip augmentation. Its results are especially notable: patients have seen its effects last up to 18 months post-treatment. As such, Teosyal is a wonderful choice for practitioners and patients that like the natural look of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers but want long-lasting results.

Order Teosyal from Medica Depot to help your patients reduce the look of their most noticeable wrinkles without dermal fillers, contour their face, or plump their lips.

Each package of this Teosyal variant includes:

2 prefilled 1.0ml syringes;
4-27G½” needles;
2 traceability labels;
And a package insert.

As part of Teoxane’s Teosyal Essentials range, this product is well equipped to address deep wrinkles or to add more definition to sagging contours of the face. Its viscoelastic profile is optimal for implantation into the deep dermis and for filling out moderate to severe imperfections. Supplemented with lidocaine, a numbing agent, treatment with Teosyal fillers is virtually pain-free.

Teosyal is made of pure, monophasic, and homogenous hyaluronic acid. When you inject this hyaluronic acid gel into your patient’s dermis, it binds to moisture within the skin, adding instant volume. This fills in lines and wrinkles to give the skin a smooth appearance. Teosyal fillers injections can also replace volume your patients have lost through aging or illness, or even augment the cheeks, jaw line, and lips. The Teosyal gel fillers also contains lidocaine, which acts as a local anesthetic to reduce the pain of cosmetic injections.

This dermal filler is comprised of reticulated hyaluronic acid, lidocaine hydrochloride, and a phosphate buffer.

Injection of Teosyal should only be done by a legally qualified medical professional with specific training in injection techniques. The product is injected into the deep dermal layer at the site of the cutaneous depression to be treated. When performing the injections, slowly place the product into disinfected skin, using the linear threading injection technique. Massage the treatment area gently after injection to ensure uniform distribution of the product.

Teosyal PureSense is primarily used in the correction of deep skin depressions. Treatment is performed in 1 or 2 injection sessions, after which regular maintenance treatments are necessary once or twice per year.

As its name implies, you should inject Teosyal into the mid to deep dermal layer. You can use Teosyal to correct deep nasal furrows or other deep lines or wrinkles. You can also use this filler to contour the cheeks and jawline or to augment the lips.

As you inject Teosyal, its hyaluronic acid immediately binds to moisture within the skin, increasing its volume. This gives your patients immediate results. However, Teosyal is also long-lasting, adding volume to the skin for up to 18 months.

Teosyal is ideal for patients who are looking to correct deep or severe imperfections and folds in their face that were caused by aging. This product can also be used in patients who want to enhance their cheeks or other facial features, and to fill the lips.

Teosyal is a dermal filler that can correct deep lines and creases. When you order wholesale Teosyal from Medica Depot, you can help your patients smooth the appearance of their deep wrinkles and lines or augment their cheeks, jaw line, or lips for a more contoured look. This multi-purpose product is sure to become a favorite.

Side effects of this treatment could include discomfort at the injection site, redness and erythema, and swelling. However, these side effects are mild, and usually resolve in just a few days. There is a chance that hyaluronic acid injections could cause anaphylaxis, so if your patients have hypersensitivities, they should avoid Teosyal. Contraindications of this treatment include pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Please note that you do not need to perform an allergy test before treating your patients with Teosyal, as its hyaluronic acid is non-allergenic and comes from the bacterial fermentation of Streptococci bacteria, rather than from animal sources.

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