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VOM is a distinguished brand of hyaluronic acid fillers, with lines: VOM V, VOM O and VOM M. Buy Vom at wholesale prices at Medica Depot. This filler is beneficial for patients as well as clinics because it delivers natural aesthetic results with minimal corrections that a novice health worker would be able to administer easily - due to their simplicity in usage on all levels of medicine practice.

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Buy Vom at Wholesale Prices at Medica Depot

All the lines in VOM’s collection are carefully designed to address particular skin issues, ranging from small wrinkles to aid fighting deeper skin changes. If clinics want to buy VOM online, it is important to find reliable sources.

What Are VOM Products Used For?

The VOM line of polymeric hyaluronic acid fillers, widely used by licensed medical professionals for a non-surgical correction, is designed for a variety of aesthetic treatments in their medical spa. These fillers are highly effective in treating different types of wrinkles and lines, ranging from fine to deep, significantly enhancing the skin’s appearance.

They are particularly noted for their lip enhancement capabilities, adding volume and defining sharper contours through the use of polymeric hyaluronic acid, which ensures long-lasting effects and a natural, youthful look.

For clinics interested in incorporating these products into their offerings, buying VOM hyaluronic acid fillers online offers convenience. The VOM line includes formulations developed with advanced R2 Technology, incorporating Rotation & Revolution methods. This technology results in a two-layer, high viscosity product that provides superior application and effectiveness.

Suitable for injection into the subcutaneous layer, it’s highly effective for deeper wrinkles. Additionally, certain formulations in the VOM hyaluronic acid line are specifically tailored for early stages of skin aging, ideal for sensitive areas. These can be injected into the intra-dermal layer, efficiently correcting fine lines around the eyes, lips, and neck, and paving the way for targeted aging skin treatments.

VOM Product Range

VOM comes in three lines, all aimed at different problems and wrinkle depth. They are all a sort of hyaluronic acid product.

VOM V Filler is a hyaluronic acid expertly designed for smoothing fine wrinkles and enhancing volume in areas like around eyes, lip lines, and acne scars. Employing advanced ‘R Square’ technology, this filler combines a biphasic, polymeric hyaluronic acid structure, and offers a perfect blend of strength and softness. By maintaining a reliable concentration of 20mg HAml, it guarantees long-lasting results for about one year and minimizes the risk factor from migration. Designed primarily for medical practitioners, this product presents a combination of efficiency in treatment optimization, integrated local anesthesia option to sparing patient comfort and effectiveness while treating facial rejuvenation defects. For clinics that want to buy VOM at wholesale, contact our sales agents.

VOM O hyaluronic acid has been developed to serve the purpose of treating moderate intensity wrinkles. Utilizing advanced R2 technology, it features a multi-phase, cross-linked polymeric hyaluronic acid composition, which ensures ideal viscosity and density for effective wrinkles correction.

This filler is good at treating many age-related skin issues including forehead frown lines, nasolabial fold correction, lip revitalization and non-surgical nose contouring. Due to hyaluronic acid’s natural compatibility, its unique composition with lidocaine guarantees nearly pain-free treatment and is hypoallergenic. VOM O hyaluronic acid is especially effective in diminishing deep wrinkles and reshaping facial contours, offering a smoother, more youthful appearance.

VOM M hyaluronic acid is designed for deep facial contouring. Areas such cheekbones,chin, nose and jawline are ideal for using Vom M for – it is perfect for muscular or supraperiosteal administration. Utilizing the advanced ‘R Square’ (Rotation and Revolution) manufacturing process, it skillfully combines a strong-lifting biphasic formula with soft-periphery monophasic particles, offering a significant lift and projection of soft tissue. This provides stability and non-migrating results. Vom M is the best in volumizing, lifting and rejuvenating with its 20mg HAml concentration while also containing a local anesthesia for painless treatment.

This filler is aimed for licensed application only, so in order to buy VOM online, it is paramount to purchase from legitimate sources.

VOM Side Effects

Like all facial fillers, VOM may have side effects, although typically mild, such as itching, tenderness, and redness at the injection site.

However, as a hyaluronic acid based filler, VOM is hypoallergenic, significantly reducing the likelihood of adverse effects. Furthermore, it includes lidocaine, a local anesthetic, to enhance patient comfort during treatment. Notably, the risk of filler migration is minimal with VOM, ensuring more precise and stable results.

VOM is developed by a leading Korean company CG Bio, so in order to buy VOM online, clinics and healthcare professionals should select authentic sources.

Where Can I Buy VOM?

The purchasing of VOM should always be done with great emphasis on integrity and trustworthiness. Medical personnel and clinics must buy VOM from licensed distributors to ensure that clients receive a treatment process which is safe, all regulated statutory standards.

If you are interested in buying VOM hyaluronic acid products at wholesale prices, you can do so on Medica Depot


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