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POWERFILL® represents a brand of innovative acid fillers with long-lasting effects and a wide range of application options. It was developed by the South Korean laboratory Regen Biotech. The formula uses polylactic acid (PLA) in its globular form to stimulate collagen production. This PLA is biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Alongside its high safety profile, this product provides a long-lasting effect of two to five years. If you wish to buy POWERFILL® for your medical practice, our team stands at your disposal for any questions you might have regarding this line of dermal fillers.

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What Is POWERFILL® Used For?

POWERFILL® is a versatile solution with a spectrum of applications. It is used in facial aesthetics, offering tissue filling for cheekbones and cheeks, facilitating facial contour, and promoting hand rejuvenation. 

Beyond facial enhancements, POWERFILL® is used to correct buttock shapes, fill in missing tissue on the shins, and male genitals, and address asymmetry. Because of its formula’s range, POWERFILL® can be an option for significant cosmetic improvements.

How Long Does POWERFILL® Last?

The POWERFILL® uses a polylactic acid formula, distinguishing it as a long-lasting option among comparable treatments. The effects of this filler typically endure from two to five years. 

The polylactic acid component begins to dissolve approximately one and a half to two years after administration. Importantly, during this process, it leaves behind a collagen framework that further extends the impact of the treatment. 

POWERFILL® Product Range

Although the POWERFILL® formula is universal, the application may be tailored to meet the needs of various patients. The product’s amount and frequency will change based on the chosen treatment. It is crucial that the therapy be administered by a medical expert in accordance with the guidelines for usage.  


With ten years of experience and a solid track record, POWERFILL® is distinguished by its safety features. The product’s biodegradability improves both its convenience and safety. Because of the compound’s hypoallergenic characteristics, its overall safety profile is enhanced. The use of polylactic acid (PLA), a biocompatible and well-tolerated material that guarantees a safe and dependable experience for users, further emphasizes the safety of this product.

If you are looking to buy POWERFILL® wholesale and require more information on the product and its safety profile, contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.

POWERFILL® Contraindications

While PowerFill® offers versatile solutions, consider contraindications for its safe usage.

Exercise caution with POWERFILL® treatment for individuals with contraindications such as low blood clotting, diabetes mellitus, open wounds, cuts, burns, or multiple skin formations in the targeted injection area. Additionally, PowerFill® may be contraindicated for patients with hematological disorders or a history of lactic acid allergies.

Prioritizing safety is essential to getting the best outcomes possible from this advanced filler.

POWERFILL® vs Competition

The POWERFILL® formula has several advantages over its competition in the dermal filler market: 

Innovative Formula

POWERFILL® is at the forefront of innovation with a formula designed to go above and beyond expectations. Its creative design sets it apart from conventional alternatives and ensures a unique and practical solution.

Longer-Lasting Effects

Your patients will benefit over an extended period with POWERFILL®. Its formula promises longer-lasting benefits and prolonged times of exceptional performance.

Safety Profile

The polylactic acid used in the POWERFILL® formula is hypoallergenic and will have fewer side effects. The PLA is biocompatible and biodegradable, and this product has a proven track record with over a decade on the market. 

Various Applications

The POWERFILL® mixture has shown success in treatments of the face, shins, and buttocks among other body parts.

For any additional information, contact our medical team.

Where Can I Buy POWERFILL®?

When looking to buy POWERFILL® online, security and legitimacy should be given priority. Buy from reliable suppliers to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the product you are supplying to your clients. 

Choosing reputable sources for POWERFILL® benefits your patients’ general health and well-being in addition to preserving the efficacy of the treatment. For recommendations, get in touch with our staff, and they’ll be pleased to help you choose the highest caliber supplier for your business.


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