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In 2021, the EUROVISCO group conducted a study that underscored the effectiveness of viscosupplementation (VS) in treating mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis. Although VS may not be suitable for advanced cases, it can still relieve pain in these patients. This study emphasizes the significant role of VS in providing symptomatic relief for osteoarthritis patients.

Viscosupplementation offers pain relief and improves mobility via a hyaluronic acid injection into the joint. This treatment has been widely used to achieve a pain-free lifestyle and enhanced quality of life for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis (OA). Durolane boasts its treatment among many HA injections for OA, with a unique and potent formulation to target its symptoms.

In this article, we will explore Durolane’s single-injection therapy, its benefits, and medical experts’ insights into this treatment for OA symptoms.

Key Takeaways

  • Osteoarthritis affects the lifestyle and quality of life of over 500 million individuals worldwide.
  • The Durolane manufacturer utilized the potency of HA and used a highly concentrated formulation.
  • Durolane stands out due to its single-injection treatment approach, which offers convenience and efficiency compared to other options that require multiple injections.
  • The administration of NASHA also reduced patient visits, associated costs, and potential risks and complications throughout the treatment.
  • Healthcare professionals should help patients understand the selection criteria, injection techniques, and post-injection care needed for Durolane.

Understanding Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint condition affecting over 500 million individuals worldwide. The medical field noticed the prevalence of OA and its symptoms among those 55 years and older, with more women affected by the joint disease.

Among many joints in the body, the knee frequently suffers from OA. For individuals wanting to know if they have this OA, here are various symptoms that may urge you to visit your trusted healthcare providers.

  • Sore Joint
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Joint Pain when Moving
  • Pain when Climbing Stairs, Getting up from a Chair, or Buttoning a Shirt
  • Joint Pain
  • Deterioration of Coordination or Grip Strength
  • Weakened Muscular Strength

The primary clinical symptom of OA is pain, which can be recurring or constant. The pain significantly contributes to functional limitations and reduced quality of life. Medical professionals and patients may find it challenging to manage the pain caused by OA, leading to decreased physical activity and worsened symptoms.

This reduction in physical activity may lead to muscle weakness and other mobility issues. Orthopedic practice considers osteoarthritis a known condition that can affect the quality of life for a long time. Finding the best solution for this joint condition is one of the challenges that OA patients experience, especially those who wish to avoid invasive treatments like replacement surgeries.

Introducing Durolane

Bioventus' Durolane single-injection therapy for knee OA.

Durolane is a clear, viscous gel primarily containing hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally produced by the body. This component is mainly found in the eyes, skin, and joints. The Durolane manufacturer utilized the potency of HA and used a highly concentrated formulation.

Non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) technology stabilizes the HA in the injection, ensuring resistance to degradation caused by osteoarthritis. Each Durolane 3mL glass syringe contains 20mg/mL of sodium hyaluronate dissolved in phosphate-buffered saline. While the injection relies on its efficacy on HA, it also offers several Durolane ingredients to complete its formulation.

  • Sodium Chloride
  • Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate
  • Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate

Durolane is used to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis, particularly in the knee. Durolane treats knee osteoarthritis pain in patients who have not responded to other conservative therapies or simple analgesics. So, is Durolane a single injection therapy? This injection treatment involves administering a single injection directly into the knee or affected joint.

How long does Durolane last? An injection session can reduce OA symptoms for up to six (6) months and is safe for repeated courses of therapy. However, patients should consult their trusted doctors to know the best time for subsequent treatment. Furthermore, Durolane can improve joint function and mobility as early as two weeks after the injection session.

Benefits of Durolane as a Single-Session Treatment

Durolane stands out due to its single-injection treatment approach, which offers convenience and efficiency compared to other options that require multiple injections. Durolane treatment effects can last up to half a year, depending on the severity of the condition and various factors.

The composition of Durolane is a highly purified NASHA, lubricating and cushioning the joint. This mimics the naturally produced hyaluronic acid in the body, providing a natural approach to osteoarthritis symptom management.

Additionally, Durolane’s administration offers a minimally invasive approach involving an injection directly into the affected joint. A session with your trusted provider would only require 10 to 15 minutes to finish a Durolane treatment. Moreover, it only needs minimal downtime, further enhancing patient convenience.

This treatment improves joint function and quality of life within two weeks of the injection. Its effectiveness, convenience, and non-surgical nature make Durolane a top option for OA treatment. Individuals seeking an alternative to surgical procedures can ask their trusted and licensed physicians for more information about Durolane.

Durolane offers a single-session treatment approach, and outpatient administration makes it a practical choice for many patients. Aside from these, it can also provide more benefits to each Durolane-treated patient.

  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Physical Activity
  • Single Injection
  • Improved Quality of Life

It’s best to have the guidance of a healthcare provider throughout the process to ensure the maximum outcomes of the treatment. Discussing with your trusted physician and comprehensively knowing Durolane can allow patients to make informed healthcare decisions.

Efficacy and Safety of Durolane

A medical practitioner administering a treatment into a patient's knee.
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An evidence review showed various clinical studies exhibiting Durolane’s sustained and effective symptomatic relief of OA after a single injection. Single-injection therapy can reduce pain and improve joint function in noninflammatory, unilateral, mild-to-moderate knee OA.

The administration of NASHA also reduced patient visits, associated costs, and potential risks and complications throughout the treatment. The treatment also showed long-lasting effects, lasting six months or longer.

An observational study backs this result, revealing that the average duration of subsequent Durolane injections can reach about 15 months. Patients with grades 2 or 3 osteoarthritis can likely experience an extended period of relief.

Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals should help patients understand the selection criteria, injection techniques, and post-injection care needed for Durolane. This allows patients to stay informed throughout treatment, from consultation to injection, post-procedure, and maintenance.

Patient selection is vital to ensuring a smooth-flowing Durolane treatment. This selection period can also minimize the risks and complications that could happen during and after the injection. Moreover, knowing if you are suitable for Durolane treatment can offer more efficient symptomatic OA relief. Medical professionals must avoid injecting Durolane into various patients’ conditions.

  • Patients who have hypersensitivity or allergy to hyaluronic acid-based products.
  • Patients with an infected or severely inflamed synovial joint.
  • Patients with active skin disease or infection at or near the injection site.
  • The Durolane manufacturer has not tested this treatment on pregnant or lactating women or children aged 21 years and younger.

The injection technique only requires a minimally invasive approach. Durolane’s single-injection approach makes it a temporary option for people who wish to delay or avoid replacement surgeries. A medical professional must administer this treatment to achieve the needed intra-articular injection. These experts should also remove joint effusion before injection.

Medical professionals may use local anesthetic or topical freezing agents before the injection to make the treatment comfortable for the patients. Moreover, it’s worth noting the experts must use separate syringes for each joint.

Lastly, post-injection care is necessary to achieve the expected and optimal results after Durolane treatments. Patients should listen to their trusted doctors’ instructions or advice to appropriately care for the treatment area after the injection. While these may be helpful tips, individuals should remember the experts’ post-procedure care based on the tailored treatment plan.

  • Avoid Strenuous Activities
  • Apply Ice on the Injection Site on and off for the first 24 Hours
  • Rest the Knee for a Short Time after the Injection

Regular follow-up sessions with your trusted medical practitioner allow them to monitor your progress. With continuous monitoring, experts can adjust the tailored treatment plan if necessary and notice risks and complications that may occur early. Regular visits to the doctor can ensure a safe treatment process and maximize the benefits of Durolane.

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Durolane offers a single-injection therapy that can help individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis. Its potency comes from the Durolane ingredients, including non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, sodium chloride, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate.

Even with a single injection, the Durolane treatment effect can reach six months later. With the medical professional’s guidance and patient-centric approach, they can offer OA patients maximum benefits and optimal outcomes from Durolane.

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