Calecim Hair Serum FAQs and Customer Support Resources

Did you know that a study projected a compound annual growth rate of 7.1% for the hair serum market from 2022 to 2027? The application of hair serum to address hair loss is increasing due to consumers’ consciousness about their hair health.

Numerous research studies were performed to prove the efficacy of hair serums in treating hair thinning, loss, or damage. Results revealed that the effects depend on the cause of hair loss, its condition, and the specific product used for treatment.

If you are looking for a solution to your hair concerns, the Calecim AHS is for you. This article can answer all your questions about the Advanced Hair System product, including its benefits, ingredients, how to use Calecim serum, and tips for adding haircare treatment to your routine.

Key Takeaways

  • Calecim Professional is a skincare and haircare brand that utilizes the power of stem cell science.
  • The PTT-6® is a critical component of the Calecim products that activate the body’s cells to renew, repair, and regenerate.
  • If you need effective and clinically validated haircare to add to your routine, Calecim hair serum is the way to go.
  • Interested individuals can check out Calecim Professional’s Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about their haircare product.
  • We highly encourage individuals to consult their trusted providers and professionals. In this way, the risks of infection or any adverse effects can be avoided.

Understanding Calecim Hair SerumThe Calecim Hair Serum addresses hair thinning or loss in a six-week hair restoration program.

Photo Source: Calecim Professional

Calecim Professional is a skincare and haircare brand that utilizes the power of stem cell science. It was founded in 2002 and remains a specialist in skin regeneration after cord-lining stem cells were introduced in 2004. Calecim ventured into haircare with the introduction of the Advanced Hair System.

The key ingredient of the Calecim hair serum’s efficacy of delivering terrific results is the PTT-6®. It is a unique formulation with over 3,000 proteins, including growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes, which are powerful tools for skin repair and cell production.

  • PTT-6®: This critical component activates the body’s cells to renew, repair, and regenerate.
    • Growth Factors: These proteins stimulate growth, healing, and regeneration in living tissues. Growth Factors are naturally produced by cells and have been essential in clinical studies to regenerate new cells.
    • Cytokines: These affect the communications and interactions between the cells. Cytokines are involved in regulating the immune system and repairing skin. The balance between these and growth factors equates to a successful skin repair.
    • Exosomes: These are also released from cells and visible as tiny bubbles, but they are essential to regeneration. They aim to bridge one cell’s communication with another in promoting healing.

Moreover, the Calecim serum utilizes these three proteins (Growth Factors, Cytokines, and Exosomes) to deliver stem-cell signals to dormant follicles and reactivate slow cells to start new growth. The Calecim hair serum is the first at-home treatment using stem cell exosomes.

The Advanced Hair System is a six-week hair restoration program designed to address hair-thinning or loss issues, such as dry and brittle hair. However, the duration depends on the severity of an individual’s hair concern.

The product achieves hair regrowth while promoting healthy and revitalized hair. If you need effective and clinically validated haircare to add to your routine, Calecim hair serum is the way to go. For a retail price of $360, it comes with a derma stamp to prepare your hair for the serum and the AHS product to start your hair regrowth journey and restore your confidence.

You can visit Calecim Professional for information about their product purchase and shipping. If you’re searching for trusted suppliers, we encourage you to check out the Calecim products available at Medica Depot to ensure that you receive high-quality products on your doorstep immediately.

How to Use Calecim Hair SerumCalecim Professional provides the Advanced Hair System Serum and Derma Stamp in purchasing the treatment.

Photo Source: Calecim Professional

Before diving into how to use Calecim serum, it’s necessary to understand the hair growth cycle. This can give you an overview of how hair works, from growth to shedding.

  • The Anagen Phase: This is the growing period of the hair and the longest in the cycle. It lasts up to three to five years, or even longer for some individuals.
  • The Catagen Phase: The transitional phase begins after the Anagen and is considered the shortest period. It typically lasts ten days, when hair follicles shrink and growth decreases.
  • The Telogen Phase: This is the resting period when hairs don’t grow but don’t fall out. However, new hairs form in follicles that start releasing at the Catagen.
  • The Exogen Phase: The shedding period begins after the usual three months of Telogen. It is usually an extension of the Telogen phase, where hair falls out of the scalp. Brushing or washing the hair assists the shedding phase.

Losing 50 to 100 hairs daily is typical, especially during the Exogen Phase. If you’re all set to learn to use Calecim serum, it’s an easy two-phase treatment you can cycle until you achieve the desired results. Always use the provided derma stamper to attain optimal outcomes.

  • Treatment Phase: AHS should be applied twice (2x) a week, using half an ampoule for each treatment and one (1) ampule each week. 
  • Maintaining Phase: The treatment application is lowered to one (1) time a week, and half an ampoule is used for each treatment and each week.

Note: One box of ampoules can last up to six weeks in the Treatment Phase. Meanwhile, one box can be used for approximately three months in the Maintaining Phase.

If you find it challenging to do it yourself, you can find a clinic that provides the Calecim hair serum treatment to show you how it works. It’s essential to cover the hair area that you need to address.

  • Section the hair.
  • Prep the derma stamp with alcohol.
  • Stamp it onto the scalp.
  • Change the tip of the Calecim hair serum bottle.
  • Apply the AHS to the scalp area.
  • Gently massage the scalp to spread the serum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Calecim Hair Serum

Before jumping into a new product, it’s usual for interested individuals to ask any queries about the product. The Calecim Hair Serum can be effective in treating hair concerns, but there are several questions that people need to learn before pushing through with the six-week hair restoration program.

  • Is Calecim Hair Serum suitable for all hair types? The Advanced Hair System is ideal for various hair types. It can be used on straight, wavy, or curly hair and is a perfect addition to your hair care routine. 
  • Can Calecim Hair Serum be used with other hair care products? You can style your hair as usual and apply styling products. However, only apply it to the hair and avoid adding it to the scalp.
  • What results can be expected from using Calecim Hair Serum? It targets hair regrowth, provides hair thickness results, is healthier, and revitalizes hair. Usually, it takes six weeks based on their program, but individual results may still vary.
  • Can it be used without a derma stamp? The derma stamp allows the Calecim hair serum to activate the hair follicles. While it is not required, Calecim Professional highly encourages using the derma stamp to achieve optimal results.
  • Are there any side effects? According to the numerous clinical observations, Calecim AHS has no side effects.
  • Are there conditions that you should avoid when using the Calecim hair serum? Do not use the product if you encounter any symptoms on your scalp, such as burning or pain, patches of rough, scaly skin or scarring, and pimples or crusting.

With all these FAQs, we highly encourage individuals to consult their trusted providers and professionals. In this way, the risks of infection or any adverse effects can be avoided.

Customer Support Resources

A patient’s hair improved after using the Calecim hair growth serum for six weeks.

Photo Source: Kelly Morell via Calecim Professional

If you have more questions about the Calecim Advanced Hair System, interested individuals can check out Calecim Professional’s Frequently Asked Questions about their haircare product. Moreover, if you need answers to specific queries, you can leave a message using the chat option on their website. It might take them two (2) working days to answer your question.

Calecim Professional can also answer questions about payment and methods, returns and refunds, products and technology, and the Auto-Replenish and Loyalty Program. They have a specific FAQ page to answer these common questions for interested individuals. You may also email Calecim’s Customer Service for more information.

Here at Medica Depot, we can also help you learn more about Calecim products. Learn about their composition, what they offer, and how their skincare and haircare work. 

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