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Did you know that about one in four Americans experience some degree of hair loss? This statistic goes for both sexes, with 66% of men expected to suffer male pattern baldness by 35, while 25% of women will experience female pattern baldness by 49.

Hair loss is determined if you lose more than 100 hairs a day. Shedding hair by 50 to 100 hairs is typical, but it’s different from suffering from hair loss. This has been a growing concern over aging people worldwide, making the global hair restoration market reach $6.12 billion in 2022.

There is a way to address your hair concerns, and this article will explore how Calecim hair growth works. It will also explain the Advanced Hair System, the key ingredients of the Calecim Hair Serum, and the benefits it offers interested individuals.

Key Takeaways

  • Calecim boasts of its unique, patented formulation, the PTT-6®, which delivers effective product results.
  • The Calecim Hair Serum consists of PTT-6® that stimulates hair growth through hair follicle activation.
  • Calecim can deliver benefits through their six-week hair restoration program: Hair Growth Stimulation, Hair Follicle Enhancement, Hair Shaft Thickness, and Hair Follicle Cell Growth.
  • Medical professionals also recommend Calecim’s hair care product for specific concerns.

Introduction to Calecim for Hair

A woman scratches her hair, and a Calecim Advanced Hair System is on the side.

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Calecim Professional has made its name known for pioneering stem cell regeneration. The brand boasts of its unique, patented formulation, the PTT-6®, which delivers effective product results. Calecim offers skincare products that can restore an individual’s beauty and glow with its effects.

  • Multi-Action Cream: This product increases collagen and elastin production, repairs and restores skin layers, and protects against inflammation.
  • Professional Serum: This serum best reduces fine lines and wrinkles and is perfect for adding to one’s skincare routine.
  • Restorative Hydration Cream: This cream is best for hydrating and replenishing dull and dry skin.
  • Professional Pigment Solution: This product is designed for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation treatment.
  • Recovery Night Complex: An overnight serum that repairs skin with stem cell proteins.

Calecim Professional is the world’s only skincare company that uses ethically derived Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells. Its products use the power of stem cells to deliver skin health and rejuvenation.

With its expertise in stem cells, Calecim Professional ventured into haircare and cemented its brand as one of the most effective hair care products. The Advanced Hair System addresses hair concerns such as thinning, loss, and dry or brittle condition.

  • Advanced Hair System: Hair loss and thinning can be treated with AHS and its clinically validated six-week restoration treatment.

The Science Behind Calecim for Hair

Calecim’s patented stem cell technology is derived from umbilical cord lining. It began with CellResearch Corporation’s research focusing on the umbilical cord lining, consisting of neonatal cells. In 2004, the epithelial and mesenchymal stem cell isolation was discovered.

Mammalian umbilical cord lining is used to obtain stem cells, which are utilized for therapeutic purposes. The Calecim product has an active ingredient with the latest cell regeneration technology — PTT-6®.

  • PTT-6® came from ethically sourced stem cells.
  • The only skincare and haircare ingredient that delivers over 3,000 active growth factors and exosomes with its one milliliter.
  • Cell-to-cell messaging produces beneficial proteins needed in the body.
  • PTT-6® drives the body’s cells to renew, repair, and regenerate.

Due to its stem cell technology and active ingredient, the Calecim Advanced Hair System treatment rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair and follicles. The Calecim Hair Serum consists of PTT-6® that stimulates hair growth through hair follicle activation.

Optimizing the hair follicles promotes hair regrowth and increases hair density while reducing hair shedding or fallout. Other ingredients combine best with PTT-6®, which leads to Calecim’s safety and efficacy.

  • Albumin
  • Collagen
  • Fibronectins
  • Glycoproteins
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Benefits of Calecim for Hair

Environmental exposure, physical stress, and aging are the most common causes of hair changes. Bad hair days can affect and decrease self-confidence, and Calecim is one way to deal with these hair concerns.

Moreover, it’s necessary to learn all its benefits before trying a new product, especially for your crowning glory. Calecim can restore your hair’s beauty and boost your confidence with terrific results.

  • Hair Growth Stimulation: The PTT-6® activates hair follicles and lessens scalp inflammation, which leads to lesser hair shedding.
  • Enhances Hair Follicle: The derma stamp included with every purchase is handy for prepping the scalp for optimal results.
  • Hair Shaft Thickness: A 16% increase in the hair shaft’s thickness can be observed.
  • Hair Follicle Cell Growth: Clinical and laboratory tests reveal a 24% growth in hair follicle cells.

While the hair serum is safe for individuals with various hair types, you must consult your trusted practitioner thoroughly before starting your Calecim AHS journey. The Calecim Hair Serum can treat and address major hair concerns frequently brought on by aging.

  • Hair Thinning
  • Hair Loss (depending on severity)
  • Dry Hair
  • Brittle Hair

Using Calecim for Hair

Incorporating Calecim Hair Serum into your hair care regimen is not a problem. You can still apply hair styling products to your hair; however, ensure that they do not reach the scalp, as this could affect the effects of the AHS. In starting your Advanced Hair System treatment journey, take note of the essential phases of your six-week hair restoration program.

  • Treatment Phase: The Calecim Hair Serum should be applied twice (2x) a week, with half an ampoule for each treatment and one (1) ampoule each week. 
  • Maintaining Phase: In this period, the application is lessened to one (1) time a week, with half an ampoule used for each treatment and each week.

To estimate how long one purchase can last, one box of ampoules can be used for six weeks in the Treatment Phase. Meanwhile, one box can be used for an estimated three months in the Maintaining Phase. Remember that consistency and dedication to the six-week program are the key to achieving the desired results.

Make use of the derma stamp in applying the hair serum. All of Calecim’s clinical treatment trials used the derma stamp, which allows follicle activation from the Calecim hair serum.

  • After sectioning the hair, prepare the derma stamp.
  • Use it on the scalp in a stamping manner. Make sure to cover the area.
  • Change the tip of the Calecim hair serum bottle for a more accessible application.
  • Apply the AHS to the scalp area.
  • Gently massage the scalp to spread the serum on the treatment area.
  • Repeat these steps in other scalp areas.

Many individuals have tried the power of Calecim’s PTT-6® power through the Advanced Hair System. Most, if not all, have shared the excellent effects of the hair serum after undergoing the six-week restoration program, while others experienced a more prolonged duration before seeing the results. Medical professionals also recommend Calecim’s hair care product for specific concerns.

A patient’s hair improved after using the Calecim hair growth serum for six weeks.

Photo Source: Kelly Morell via Calecim Professional

This is a before-and-after photo of a patient whose hair condition is dry or brittle after the six-week restoration program of Calecim.

Photo Source: Kelly Morell via Calecim Professional


Medical professionals recommend Calecim for its safe and effective treatment of hair concerns such as hair thinning or loss. Some patients have shared their experiences using the Calecim Hair Serum for their hair regrowth and regeneration.

The PTT-6® key ingredient delivers thousands of growth factors, exosomes, and cytokines to activate the hair follicle function. In line with this, even dormant follicles will be triggered to grow new, healthy, revitalized hair.

The powerful PTT-6® and Calecim will surely go a long way with their unique formulation that aims to treat skin and hair care concerns with the powers of stem cells. While the Calecim hair growth serum effectively works with most individuals, always remember that it is safer to consult a credible practitioner before starting new products on your skin or hair.

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