A person dealing with hair loss in a part of their head.

Did you know that a study years back revealed that 96% of men lose their hair to some degree? Hair loss affects both men and women and is commonly caused by increasing age or pattern hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia is genetically determined, patterned, progressive hair loss from the scalp.

While many individuals deal with these hair concerns, they have been searching for a hair care treatment. This article will explore the Calecim hair serum or the six-week restoration treatment of the brand’s Advanced Hair System. Learn all the necessary details about its ingredients, benefits, application, and how to use Calecim serum.

Key Takeaways

  • The Calecim products and their formulation are rooted in their parent company’s patented stem cell knowledge.
  • PTT-6® becomes a source of growth factors and exosomes, including over 3,000 proteins.
  • If you’re dealing with loss, thinning, dry, or brittle hair, the Calecim hair serum can solve your problems.
  • The Calecim Advanced Hair System is clinically validated, and patient results show an effective six-week hair restoration program.
  • Consistency and dedication to the six-week program are the keys to achieving optimal results. 

Understanding Calecim Hair Care Products

The discovery of the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining 20 years ago started it all for Calecim Professional. Their parent biotechnology company, CellResearch Corporation, takes credit for Calecim skin and hair care products and their secret weapon, the PTT-6®.

The Calecim products and their formulation are rooted in their parent company’s patented stem cell knowledge. They patented acquiring stem cells from the cord lining, isolating the epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells, and using umbilical cord lining stem cells for therapeutic applications. These patents result in no other manufacturers can use their stem cell technology for skin, hair, and therapeutic uses.

In line with Calecim’s stem cell technology, they also created a unique formulation that became a key ingredient in every product they have, from the Calecim hair serum down to the Calecim skincare creams and serums — PTT-6®. 

Stem cells are grown in a cultivating solution called the Culture Medium. This Culture Medium secretes growth factors, exosomes, and proteins from the stem cells, where PTT-6® originates. Garnering all the conditioned media or the PTT-6®, stem cells are left behind.

This active ingredient then becomes a source of growth factors and exosomes, including over 3,000 of these ingredients. Each of them offers benefits to help restore skin’s glow and revitalize hair.

  • PTT-6®: This formulation supercharges the cells, which leads to cell-to-cell messaging that produces the proteins needed in the body. It is derived from ethically sourced stem cells that can offer a unique potency level of Calecim products. Regarding the skin, PTT-6® increases skin density, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and skin cell production.
  • Exosomes: These are essential in helping cell-to-cell communication to promote healing. Despite being tiny bubbles, regenerative medicine believes that exosomes can be the next big breakthrough in skin and hair care.
  • Growth Factors: Most of these proteins aid wound healing and stimulate growth and regeneration in living cells. They can also boost collagen synthesis, communicate with cells to create properties that improve skin firmness and elasticity, fortify skin barrier, and rejuvenate skin.

Hair condition is essential in people’s daily lives as it significantly affects our physical appearance and self-perception. It reaches the extent that its quantity, quality, and styling can determine one’s age, gender, and health. If you’re dealing with loss, thinning, dry, or brittle hair, the Calecim hair serum can solve your problems.

  • Follicle cell production: The PTT-6® backs the growth and strength of the hair follicle cells. Calecim for hair increases the follicle cell production by 24%.
  • Hair shaft thickness: Thicker hair shafts add to a fuller and healthier hair appearance. The Calecim hair serum showed a 16% increase in hair shaft thickness after 12 weeks.
  • Individual hairs: PTT-6® triggers the dormant hair follicles for hair growth function. After 12 weeks, it was observed that there was a 14% increase in the total number of individual hairs on the scalp.
  • Scalp inflammation: The Calecim for hair lessens scalp inflammation, which causes hair shedding or excessive fallout. There is a clinically validated 30x decrease in scalp inflammation after using Calecim hair serum.

Selecting the Right Calecim Products for Your Hair

A woman dealing with hair shedding, which the Calecim hair serum can help treat.

Photo Source: Stock Image in Canva

The brand may have been known to introduce stem cell technology-based skin care products, but Calecim Professional offers a single hair care product. Before focusing on your hair concerns, you might want to know about Calecim’s skincare products. You can purchase it on their official website or visit Medica Depot to check the items’ availability.

  • Professional Serum: This Calecim serum best reduces the appearance of aging signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and is perfect for adding to your daily skincare.
  • Professional Pigment Solution: If uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation are your skin problems, Calecim’s Pigment Solution is the answer for you.
  • Multi-Action Cream: To bring back a youthful appearance, this Calecim skincare product increases collagen and elastin production, repairs and restores skin layers, and protects against inflammation.
  • Restorative Hydration Cream: To achieve a refreshed look, this Hydration Cream is best for hydrating and replenishing dull and dry skin.
  • Recovery Night Complex: Use this overnight serum to repair skin with stem cell proteins.

The Calecim Advanced Hair System has been making noise in the hair care industry for its clinically validated efficacy and patient results of a six-week hair restoration program. Excessive hair loss can lead to progressive hair thinning, and several causes of this concern are as follows:

  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Illnesses
  • Major Stressors
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Autoimmunity
  • Tight Hairstyles

Individuals should first identify their hair concerns if Calecim Advanced Hair System is the best option for them. It’s necessary to consult your trusted doctor or medical professional before undergoing the wix-week treatment of Calecim hair serum. The AHS can address various individual concerns.

  • Brittle Hair: If you have fragile hair that tends to be brittle, the Advanced Hair System’s regenerative components can enhance its strength and resilience.
  • Dry Hair: For individuals who need to restore hair’s nourishment and hydration, the Calecim for hair treatment can help you.
  • Thinning Hair: This Calecim product best addresses hair thinning or loss problems. It has been effective in restoring hair follicles to push new hair growth.

Like other Calecim products, the brand’s hair serum contains the powerful and protein-rich formula, PTT-6®. This formulation stimulates hair growth, reducing inflammation to decrease hair shedding and activating the hair follicle. The Calecim hair serum price is $360 and can be purchased on Calecim Professional. The box includes the AHS vial and a derma stamp.

The Advanced Hair System has a validated efficacy over six weeks. Moreover, no side effects were reported in the clinical studies and observations of patients. The patients’ hair density has also increased after using the treatment. With these outcomes, medical professionals trust the Calecim hair serum in treating individuals’ hair issues.

Calecim Application Techniques for Optimal Results

Adding Calecim hair serum into your hair care routine is not worrisome. If your routine requires applying hair products, you can continue. However, you must avoid those products reaching your scalp, which may affect the Calecim hair serum’s effects. Before starting the Advanced Hair System six-week restoration program, two important phases should be remembered.

  • Treatment Phase: Application of the hair serum should be twice (2x) a week, with half an ampoule for each treatment and one (1) ampoule each week. 
  • Maintaining Phase: Application of the serum is lowered to one (1) time a week, with half an ampoule used for each treatment and each week.

One box of ampoules can be used for six weeks in the treatment phase, while an estimated three months can be used in the maintaining phase. Consistency and dedication to the six-week program are the keys to achieving optimal results. Moreover, cycling between the phases can help you attain your treatment.

Calecim Professional encourages users to use the derma stamp when applying the hair serum. All of Calecim’s clinical treatment trials used the tool, giving the patients the desired outcomes. The derma stamp preps the hair and allows follicle activation from the Calecim hair serum.

You may visit your trusted clinic if they offer the Calecim AHS treatment so you can address your concerns to them, and they can assist you in your treatment. However, if you wish to proceed with the AHS in the comfort of your home, here are some steps to help you during the application.

A woman applies the Calecim Advanced Hair System serum on her scalp.

Photo Source: Calecim Professional

  • Sectioning the hair is vital before applying. Afterward, prepare the derma stamp.
  • Make sure to cover the sectioned hair’s scalp by using the derma stamp in a stamping manner.
  • Change the tip of the Calecim hair serum bottle for a more accessible application.
  • Apply the Calecim Advanced Hair System serum to the scalp area.
  • Gently massage the scalp to spread the serum on the treatment area.
  • Repeat these steps in other scalp areas.

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