The Calecim Professional Serum, perfect to incorporste into your skincare routine.

Did you know that people in their 60s are expected to reach two billion by 2050? Skin aging is a process wherein the skin quality slows down or deteriorates with age. One of the top skin concerns — wrinkles — are formed as fibroblasts that synthesize collagen reduce as we age.

Skin aging is becoming a factor in why individuals seek anti-aging products and treatments to maintain their youthful appearances. With all the surfacing skincare products, it might be overwhelming and confusing which one to try and incorporate into your routine.

If you have read Calecim hair growth reviews, this article will focus on the Professional Serum’s feedback and explore its ingredients, efficacy, and benefits. Calecim offers products that begin beauty from within through its cutting-edge stem cell technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Calecim Professional provides cutting-edge skincare and hair care products based on stem cell technology.
  • Calecim Professional Serum is a light serum that offers skin repair and calming effects for inflammation.
  • With the highest concentration of PTT-6®, a few drops of the Calecim Serum can revitalize the skin, which is a perfect addition to your skincare routine.
  • Medical professionals utilize the product to treat acne scarring, scar reduction, inflammation, and downtime.
  • PTT-6® is the serum’s key ingredient that reaches the skin’s deep layers to deliver rejuvenation from within.

Introduction to Calecim Serum

Among all the products in the beauty line, Calecim Professional sets itself apart. The brand’s founders targeted delivering skin treatment with the power of stem cells. Calecim Professional provides cutting-edge skincare and hair care products based on stem cell technology.

The brand has six (6) current products, five addressing skin care concerns, while the other focuses on hair treatment. Each product contains PTT-6®, a unique, patented formulation, and an active ingredient that every one milliliter consists of 3,000 growth factors and exosomes.

  • Professional Serum: This product has the highest PTT-6® concentration, which is best for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Multi-Action Cream: Amps collagen and elastin production on the skin, restores skin layers, and protects against aging and inflammation.
  • Professional Pigment Solution: This product treats uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.
  • Recovery Night Complex: An overnight skincare product to deliver hydration, brightening, and repair to your skin.
  • Restorative Hydration Cream: This cream addresses dry and dull skin and deeply hydrates and replenishes it.
  • Advanced Hair System: A six-week hair restoration treatment backed by clinical validation results.

The PTT-6® is derived from ethically sourced stem cells. It contains thousands of growth factors, exosomes, and cytokines, all working together to repair and rejuvenate skin and trigger skin cell production. If you wish a science-backed skin and hair care for your next glow-up, Calecim Professional is the way to go.

To focus on the Calecim Professional Serum is a light serum that offers skin repair and calming effects for inflammation. It keeps the skin healthy and elastic and, at the same time, targets fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

The brand sells the Calecim Professional Serum as pure, potent, and powerful. With the highest concentration of PTT-6®, even with a few drops, it can revitalize the skin, which is a perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Calecim Serum Ingredients

A person holding the Calecim Professional Serum on their palm.

Photo Source: Calecim Professional

In every skincare product, the ingredients are the most crucial factor to consider. While Calecim serum is effective, the Calecim ingredients can impress you. A single purchase of the serum entails you getting a sealed professional serum and the magic it offers.

  • PTT-6®: Utilizes the body’s natural mechanisms of regeneration.
  • Growth Factors: Improve skin firmness and elasticity, strengthen the skin barrier, and repair and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Exosomes: Contains proteins and growth factors that help one cell to communicate with another and promote healing
  • Albumin: Maintains water pressure within the skin’s cells to show a plump and youthful appearance.
  • Fibronectins: They strengthen, hydrate, and protect the skin cells. Fibronectins act as the binding element for the processes to occur.

With a powerful combination of Calecim ingredients, knowing what it can do is a must. Individual advantages of the products can help in rejuvenation and various skin concerns. All Calecim ingredients work hand-in-hand to give optimal results to its users.

  • Deep Penetration
  • Anti-aging
  • Various benefits from the ingredients

Doctors have been using Calecim for various skin and hair concerns of the people. It is best to know how professionals utilize the product to understand how effective and trustworthy Calecim ingredients and products are.

  • Acne Scarring: Acne is a common skin condition that affects about 650 million individuals worldwide. Combined with usual clinical modalities like microneedling, Calecim offers terrific results in reducing acne scarring on the facial area. 
  • Inflammation and Downtime: Some doctors use the Calecim Serum after in-clinic procedures to reduce post-treatment downtime and patient discomfort. This leads to better patient satisfaction with the help of the serum’s soothing effect.
  • Scar Reduction: Combining the Calecim magic with clinical modalities can significantly reduce the scarring of stretch marks and Caesarean marks.
  • Hair Loss: For transformative results in your hair condition and scalp health, the six-week restoration program can effectively bring back your crowning glory with no side effects experience.

Calecim Formulation and Technology

The Calecim stem cell technology can flex their skincare products as it caters to all skin types. It can easily be incorporated into an individual’s skincare routine. Whether you are facing acne scarring, eczema, or inflammation, Calecim serum is compatible with you. Meanwhile, it is best to avoid the serum if an active acne is present on the skin.

With the stem cells and PTT-6® components, the Professional Serum can also aid in wound healing. It is helpful as a post-procedure treatment for laser treatments. However, this still depends on what treatment you undergo.

If you need more specific information, Calecim Professional Serum is preferably used on mature skin types, covering ages 30 and above. We encourage interested individuals to seek professional advice before trying a new skincare product.

The Professional Serum stands out among other skincare products because of its unique formulation — its pioneering stem cell technology joined by powerful ingredients that make up the Calecim products.

  • Stem Cell-Derived Components: The Cord Lining Conditioned Media is ethically sourced from the umbilical cord lining of New Zealand-farmed deer. This contains the stem cell-derived ingredients of Calecim Serum: Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid.
  • PTT-6®: The serum’s (and Calecim’s) key ingredient that reaches the skin’s deep layers to deliver rejuvenation from within. It increases elastin and hyaluronic acid production, maintaining the skin’s plump and refreshed look.

CellResearch Corporation patented the concept of acquiring stem cells from mammalian umbilical cord lining. This results in no other manufacturers being able to utilize CellResearch Corporation’s stem cell technology for skin or hair care or even therapeutic uses.

This patented discovery led them to create the PTT-6® from the cord lining stem cells. This formulation perfectly harnesses the renewal components of the cord lining stem cells, giving rejuvenation and a pivotal ingredient to Calecim products.

Effectiveness and Benefits of Calecim

The efficacy of the Calecim serum can rapidly be in effect within 15 minutes of application after in-clinic procedures. It is applied to spread its calming and soothing effects to treat various after-procedure symptoms.

  • Decreased redness
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort

It’s light and easily absorbed into the skin with a pH that can be gentle on sensitive skin. Moreover, Calecim boasts its benefits that set them apart from other brands. Aside from penetrating the deepest layers of the skin, the PTT-6® brings more to the table.

  • Improve skin texture
  • Promote skin healing
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

With its stem cell technology, the Calecim serum, scientists have discovered that proteins from the Cord Lining Stem Cells effectively address aging signs. The PTT-6® is created from skin regeneration technology, making it a solution to the aging problems as we age.

Individuals can use the Calecim Serum in three ways: may it be for at-home or in-clinic.

  • At home, as part of anti-aging skincare: One pipette should be enough to apply to the entire face before adding other treatments.
  • At home after microneedling session: Its healing and calming properties can benefit the face with a few pipettes of the Calecim Professional Serum.
  • In-clinic after clinical treatments: Many clinics have been using the Calecim serum to lessen the downtime and other after-procedure effects to the patient.

It is an evidence-based skincare that reveals that the Calecim serum adds more to the skin’s health and condition.

  • 56% increase in elastin production
  • 83% increase in hyaluronic acid production
  • 6x increase in skin density

Calecim User Experiences and Reviews

If you want a visual review of the efficacy of Calecim serum, many have shared their before and after outcomes of the treatment. Even medical professionals recommend the power of Calecim Professional products to treat skin and hair concerns.

The Calecim Professional Serum can be used on various body parts to treat stretch marks, acne scarring, and scar reduction. Individuals gave their feedback online about the skincare product, and you can even check out Calecim hair growth reviews.

A patient effectively treats their acne and acne scarring during a 12-week Professional Serum treatment.

Photo Source: Adrian Baker via Calecim Professional

The patient has undergone Plasma Shower Treatment with Calecim Serum infusion.

Photo Source: Dr. B. Molina, Medikas via Calecim Professional

Some users shared their insights via Trustpilot, and most have been sharing their positive experiences with Calecim Serum. There is still negative feedback about the product, but overall, most patients are satisfied with the outcome of using Calecim Professional Serum.

A Calecim Serum user shares that the product has been essential to their skincare routine.

Photo Source: Robin Gregg on Trustpilot via Calecim Professional

A Calecim Professional Serum user has used the product for years to maintain a youthful look.

Photo Source: Laurel on Trustpilot via Calecim Professional


Calecim, with the abundance and power of stem cell technology, has developed products that can effectively aid individuals’ skin and hair issues. The PTT-6® and other Calecim serum ingredients made the Professional Serum safe for most individuals.

You can buy Calecim online to test the beauty it brings from within. On Calecim’s official website, the Professional Serum can be purchased, with the price depending on the quantity.

  • 1 x 5ml: $100
  • 2 x 5ml: $170
  • 6 x 5ml: $420

If the Serum is out of stock on their website, a legitimate, all-in-one portal can be the way. Here at Medica Depot, we only offer genuine and authentic products directly from the respective manufacturing brands. Buy Calecim online, and read more about the brand and Serum at Medica Depot.

Calecim has undergone various clinical observations, and from a professional standpoint, the Serum has effectively delivered the individuals’ expected and desired outcomes.

It’s safe to say that Calecim Serum is worth the investment and time. Consistency is the key to achieving the best glow, regardless of age and skin concerns. With clinically validated product and patient satisfaction reviews, what stops you from starting your safe and effective glow-up today?

We highly encourage interested individuals to consult their trusted doctors thoroughly before using the product. In this way, you can be assessed and assisted using the serum, which also helps avoid potential risks or adverse effects.

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