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Facial serums containing growth factors have their roots in the pharmaceutical industry and are renowned for their remarkable effectiveness in skincare. They are considered an essential component of a comprehensive skincare routine.

Epidermal growth factor, a prominent component in anti-aging cosmetics, is widely recognized as one of its most potent and impactful ingredients. However, it also raises numerous questions. Today we will discuss when to use ZO Growth Factor Serum, its functionality, composition, and application techniques.

What Is ZO Growth Factor Serum?

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins produced by the body that regulate cell growth, cell division, and cell repair. They are obtained from plant and animal sources and synthesized under laboratory conditions. ZO Growth Factor Serum is a skin care product with growth factor as the primary ingredient.

ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum is designed for skin with signs of aging. The serum uses an exclusive peptide complex and highly developed cellular growth factors that promote natural collagen synthesis to improve skin resilience and restore firmness and elasticity. Sericin, a silk protein biotechnology, provides skin hydration and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function. Highly purified plant stem cell antioxidants and patented beta-glucans have a healing and soothing effect, protecting the skin from aging and collagen breakdown. Make sure to consult with a medical professional for use of products like Sculptra.

Growth Factor Serum features:

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and firming the skin;
  • Exclusive ZPRO Complex enhances hyaluronic acid and collagen to prevent age-related changes;
  • Stimulates cellular repair, smoothing the skin and refining skin tone;
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Provides antioxidant skin protection;
  • Protects DNA from damage and facilitates DNA repair.

How does ZO Growth Factor Serum Work?

An extensive list of active ingredients produces the serum’s effect:

  • Patented antioxidant and biomimetic protein complex ZPRO, containing hydrolyzed sericin and Buddleja davidii stem cells, stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis and helps prevent premature aging by protecting the skin from cell damage and collagen breakdown;
  • Fermented red ginseng extract and Disodium acetyl glucosamine phosphate stimulate cell regeneration, collagen fiber synthesis, and glycosaminoglycan production;
  • Dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate minimizes wrinkles;
  • DNA repair-protecting complex improves, repairs, and protects DNA from possible damage;
  • Beta-glucan and angelica root extract provide a healing and soothing effect on irritated skin.

How to Use and Apply ZO Growth Factor Serum

Before explaining ZO’s skin health order of application, guiding clients on cleaning and preparing their skin for bedtime is essential. First, they should remove any makeup using a gentle makeup remover or cleansing oil. They can massage it onto their face, paying attention to the eyes and lips, and then wipe it away with a soft cotton pad or tissue.

Afterward, they should proceed with a facial cleanser suitable for their skin type. They should wet their face with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of cleanser with their fingertips. Gentle circular motions should be used to massage the product onto the face, primarily focusing on areas prone to oiliness or congestion. Once done, they should rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry with a clean towel.

If patients prefer exfoliation, they can do so with a facial scrub or chemical exfoliant. However, reminding them not to over-exfoliate is crucial, as it may irritate the skin.

After cleansing, the next step is toning the skin. They should choose a toner to suit their skin type and pour a small amount onto a cotton pad or palm. A gentle swipe across the face and neck with the toner helps balance the skin’s pH level and prepares it for better absorption of subsequent products.

Now, it’s time to apply the ZO Growth Factor Serum. They should put a small amount of serum on their fingertips or palm. Starting with the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, they can dot the product and gently spread it using upward and outward motions. Caution should be exercised to avoid the sensitive eye area.

After applying ZO Skin Growth Factor Serum, it’s crucial to have a 30-minute window before going to bed, to allow the product enough time to effectively absorb into the skin. During this half-an-hour, patients can carry on with the rest of their nighttime skincare routine, such as applying a moisturizer for added hydration or using targeted treatments for specific concerns. Each product should be allowed to absorb before moving on to the next.

By explaining this process to clients, we ensure that their skin is thoroughly cleansed, properly prepared, and ready to benefit from the effects of the ZO Growth Factor Serum throughout the night.

Are there any Potential Side Effects of ZO Growth Factor Serum?

While ZO Growth Factor Serum is generally well-tolerated by most individuals, like any skincare product, some people can experience side effects or adverse reactions.

Potential side effects of skincare products, including Growth Factor Serum, may include:

  1. Skin irritation: Redness, itching, burning, or stinging sensations at the application site, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies to serum ingredients.
  2. Allergic reactions: Rare instances of hives, rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing due to an allergic response to serum ingredients.
  3. Acne breakouts: Some individuals may experience increased acne or new blemishes as a unique skin response to growth factor serums.


In conclusion, ZO Growth Factor Serum is a skincare product that harnesses the power of growth factors to address signs of aging and improve skin resilience. With its exclusive peptide complex, cellular growth factors, and other active ingredients, this serum stimulates collagen synthesis, minimizes wrinkles, and provides antioxidant protection. A proper skincare routine enhances its effectiveness, including cleansing, exfoliating, and toning before application.


What does ZO Growth Factor Serum do?

Growth Factor Serum is a skincare product designed to promote skin rejuvenation and improve the overall appearance and health of the skin. It typically contains various growth factors, peptides, and antioxidants that stimulate collagen production, enhance cell renewal, and support the skin’s natural repair processes.

When should ZO Growth Factor Serum be used?

ZO Growth Factor Serum is typically used as part of a skincare routine in the evening.

Is ZO Growth Factor Serum effective?

ZO Growth Factor Serum has received positive reviews reporting skin texture improvements and wrinkle reduction. However, it’s important to note that skincare products can work differently for each person, and individual results may vary.

How often should ZO Growth Factor Serum be used?

The frequency of use for ZO Growth Factor Serum can vary depending on individual needs. However, ZO Growth Factor Serum is recommended once a day, approximately 30 minutes before bedtime.