restylane cost

Restylane is an increasingly popular brand of dermal fillers known for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing the cheeks, and adding plumpness and volume to the lips. Restylane is a noninvasive procedure, which means the cost of Restylane treatments is significantly less than the cost of facial cosmetic surgeries. Nevertheless, the price of Restylane remains to be an important factor when considering to opt-in for the treatment.

The main question is: is the cost of Restylane worth its overall benefits?

What is Restylane?              

Restylane is a brand of injectable dermal fillers that contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body, which is responsible for the overall youthful appearance of the skin.

Restylane products such as Restylane Lyft, Restylane-L and Restylane Silk have become leading brands in skin rejuvenation and facial contouring. These products are used to immediately address moderate to severe wrinkles and folds in the mid-face, cheek, and mouth sections.

Restylane is also used to add fullness and volume to the lips. Restylane is best at making the skin look radiant and refined in a subtle, natural-looking way.

Restylane was approved by the FDA in 2003 to be absolutely safe for skin treatment. The results appear instantaneously right after the procedure or when any minimal swelling disappears.

Cost of Restylane Treatments

The price of Restylane fillers is usually at a per syringe basis. There is no one standard price for any Restylane treatment, as there are various factors that affect the overall cost of Restylane injections.

In 2017, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated that the average cost of all types of dermal fillers was $682. The cost of Restylane treatments is dependent on the quantity of Restylane being injected and the target area being addressed.

Factors affecting Restylane Costs

Four main factors affect the cost of Restylane treatments: provider, manufacturer, treatment area, Restylane quantity (number of syringes used), and repeat treatments.


Clinics and spas offer the same treatment at unequal prices because of certain factors such as reputation, service level, and acquisition pricing. The most important consideration would be choosing a reputable clinic that is duly registered and certified to safely administer the Restylane treatment.


The manufacturer of Restylane is Galderma, and a big portion of the price of Restylane treatments goes to the price of the product itself.

Medica Depot offers a wide range of Restylane products at the most reasonable prices.

Treatment Area

Restylane has a variety of products specifically formulated to target particular areas of concern.

• Restylane fillers cost: Restylane Lyft is used to lift and shape facial contours, fill lines and wrinkles, and give skin a vibrant look. Depending on the desired outcomes, these treatments may range from $600 to $1000.

• Restylane lips cost: Restylane Silk is the first lip filler approved by the FDA. Restylane Silk creates natural volume for the lips to give it a plump, supple appearance. This Restylane treatment can cost around $400.

• Restylane Quantity (number of syringes used)

For moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, a more in-depth injection may be necessary. This may need more than one syringe of Restylane to accomplish.

Repeat Treatments

Restylane treatment lasts anywhere from four to twelve months depending on the area and amount injected. Repeat treatments are necessary to maintain the results and improve overall facial skin appearance, but they are an important consideration in the overall treatment costs.


Restylane is one of the safest and most effective options to achieve a naturally vibrant and youthful appearance. It has thousands of testimonials and years of satisfactory outcomes to prove why it is one of the leading brands in dermal fillers. With this alone, it is worth every penny.

Although Restylane is not covered by insurance, several treatment providers may provide financing options and free consultations to accommodate the Restylane treatment for the most reasonable pricing.