A woman flexes her smooth and rejuvenated skin; The Biorepeel line can help rejuvenate and correct skin.

Did you know skin resurfacing ranked third in cosmetic minimally invasive treatments in 2022? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, removing the skin’s top layer stimulates new skin cell growth during skin resurfacing procedures.

Skin resurfacing has various methods, including dermabrasion, lasers, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. These cosmetic procedures can exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, and if you’re looking for a safe and effective treatment, the Biorepeel chemical peels can help you with that.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of the Biorepeel line and how it addresses skin concerns to achieve skin rejuvenation.

Key Takeaways

  • Biorepeel utilizes its two-phase technology that promotes bio-stimulation, revitalization, and peeling substances to rejuvenate the patient’s skin.
  • Biorepeel chemical peel treatment’s power to enhance skin texture has been effective in various patients.
  • Biorepeel hydrates the skin, delivering elasticity and making it look and feel smooth and soft.
  • The Biorepeel treatment can deal with these aging signs, perfect for individuals seeking minimally invasive therapies.
  • Biorepeel reaches the deeper layer, which results in transformative effects, including refining the pore size.
  • The potent active ingredients in the Biorepeel formulation are perfect to give the treated area a radiant glow on the skin.

Introduction to Biorepeel and its Skin Rejuvenation Benefits

CMed Aesthetics’ Biorepeel FND and BODY to treat various skin concerns.

Skin rejuvenation aims to restore one’s skin from damage and can be addressed through various treatments. Damaged skin could be from excessive sun exposure, signs of aging, or medical conditions. Treatments vary depending on the severity of the skin concern, specific body areas, and the individual’s desired outcome.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox)
  • Chemical Peels

Safe, natural, and minimally invasive treatments continue to rise in this scientific and technology-based aesthetic medicine. One of the up-and-becoming products that can address skin rejuvenation is CMed Aesthetics’ Biorepeel chemical peel. The company produced a BioReTherapy line that caters to chemical peeling and post-treatment care.

  • Biorepeel BODY
  • Biorepeel FND
  • BioReLift
  • BioReHydra

How does Biorepeel work? It utilizes its two-phase technology that promotes bio-stimulation, revitalization, and peeling substances to rejuvenate the patient’s skin. Using Biorepeel as your chemical peel product offers several advantages due to its unique approach and formulation. 

  • Gentle Exfoliation: Compared to traditional chemical peels’ harsh components, Biorepeel chemical peel gently exfoliates the skin and effectively eliminates dead skin cells. It does not irritate the skin and would not require an extended downtime after the procedure.
  • Addressing Skin Concerns: Besides the chemical peel’s aim to exfoliate, Biorepeel can manage skin problems. If you’re facing scars, post-acne marks, hyperpigmentation, or aging signs, this product can be beneficial.
  • Improved Skin Appearance: The difference between the Biorepeel before and after treatment result is very noticeable. as it leaves the skin moisturized and oxygenated. It gives a lasting revitalized, softer, and enhanced overall skin appearance due to the vitamins and antioxidants non-surgically infused into the skin.
  • Unique Ingredients: Biorepeel’s formulation includes potent components such as Trichloroacetic Acid, alpha, beta, and polyhydroxy acids, vitamins, amino acids, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid, each offering its benefits to the treatment area.

Biorepeel Improves Skin Texture

This innovative peel treatment developed in Italy utilizes the power of active ingredients to enhance skin texture. Biorepeel contains 35% Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), combined with other acids to provide a more enhanced effect, especially in improving the skin texture.

  • Texture Refinement: Biorepeel promotes an even exfoliation of the treatment area while gently shedding old and dead skin cells.
  • Collagen Boosting: Biorepeel stimulates collagen production, and this protein is vital for skin elasticity and firmness. After using the treatment, firmer and plumper skin can be noticeable.
  • Scar and Pigmentation Management: Acne, its marks, and uneven pigmentation cause a rougher texture on the skin. Biorepeel can reduce these skin concerns, showing a more balanced and even-toned on the treated skin.

Biorepeel chemical peel treatment’s power to enhance skin texture has been effective in various patients. Many have shared their Biorepeel before and after treatment photos that exhibited improved skin texture.

A patient’s before and after photos of Biorepeel chemical peel treatment.

Photo Source: CMed Aesthetics

image 7

Photo Source: CMed Aesthetics

Biorepeel Enhances Skin Hydration

Along with improving skin texture, Biorepeel can contribute to skin hydration. Dehydrated skin makes it more prone to UV damage, and hydration adds to skin elasticity, making it look and feel smooth and soft.

  • Hydration Enhancement: Biorepeel improves the skin to retain more moisture with its safe and natural ingredients. As a result, the skin is hydrated and rejuvenated after the peeling treatment.
  • Overall Approach: While reducing the UV damage on the skin, the chemical peel treatment vitalizes new skin growth and brings hydration to improve the overall skin condition.

This procedure has been a remarkable addition to skincare, with its benefits that make it stand out among traditional chemical peels. Biorepeel promotes hydration in the treated area, making it look refreshed and purified. It does not irritate due to its gentle approach and simply boosts hydration to offer better skin texture.

Traditional chemical peel and Biorepeel can offer the same results, but the latter offers more hydration and nourishment. The conventional may not provide the same level of hydration as Biorepeel. Thanks to its combination of vitamins and enzymes, the product leaves the skin softer and smoother.

Reduce Signs of Aging with Biorepeel

As people age, the skin gets affected, and they face signs of aging like wrinkling or sagging, especially in the facial area. Individuals tend to undergo different cosmetic procedures to address fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from exfoliation, Biorepeel can also deal with these aging signs, perfect for individuals seeking minimally invasive treatments.

  • Two-phase Technology: Biorepeel utilizes its two-phase action that promotes preventive and corrective approaches. The chemical peel product remains suitable for all skin types and ages, and the curated ingredients blend to achieve skin rejuvenation.
  • Key Ingredients: The Trichloroacetic Acid goes deep into the skin, promoting cellular turnover. Other acids also aid in evens out skin tone and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

In researching and trusting a product, people tend to believe its magic once they see the results. CMed Aesthetics has shared many patients before and after photos, which can make interested individuals believe in Biorepeel chemical peel’s skin correction and rejuvenation.

image 8

Photo Source: CMed Aesthetics

Biorepeel Minimizes Pore Size

Biorepeel is a cutting-edge chemical peel procedure that works from the dermis, providing a better solution to skin problems. As it reaches the deeper layer, Biorepeel treatment results in transformative effects, including refining the pore size.

  • Skin Texture: Biorepeel targets collagen production, cellular turnover, and the body’s natural healing process, which all aid in showing an even tone and texture.
  • Pore Size: Reaching a more refined skin texture also means minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. Biorepeel can promote a harmonious skin tone after the chemical peeling treatment.
Before and after photos of a patient of their first Biorepeel treatment for their melasma.

Photo Source: Hannah Baxter via Bustle

Biorepeel Brightens Overall Skin Appearance

Brightened skin adds to the factors that improve an individual’s look to achieve a youthful appearance. The potent active ingredients in the Biorepeel formulation are perfect to give the treated area a radiant glow on the skin.

  • Dual Action and Future Proofing: As Biorepeel works in preventive and corrective ways, it addresses specific skin concerns and secures skin against future potential problems.
  • Skin Health: Biorepeel promotes cellular turnover and enhances skin health, contributing to a brighter complexion. After treatment, the immediate brighter and smoother skin effects are visible.

Biorepeel’s deeper penetration into the skin goes beyond surface exfoliation and can specifically address skin concerns that depend on the specialist’s treatment plan. With enhanced skin health and condition after the Biorepeel treatment, the texture, vibrancy, and clarity are improved without changing its natural color.


The Biorepeel chemical peel offers numerous advantages, especially with a tailored treatment plan for each patient. The key benefits of treatment include improved skin texture, enhanced hydration, reduced signs of aging, minimized pore size, and overall skin brightening effects. Biorepeel utilizes its potent ingredients and unique formula to deliver the best patient outcome.

CMed Aesthetics’ Biorepeel FND and BODY can revitalize skin thanks to their antioxidant and moisturizing effects. The products are safe for any skin type and age; however, if you wish for comprehensive skin rejuvenation, it’s best to consult your trusted doctor to see if Biorepeel is the right solution for your skin problems.

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