Preparing Your Practice For COVID-19: How You Can Minimize Its Impact On Business

Preparing Your Practice For COVID-19: How You Can Minimize Its Impact On Business

What is COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

COVID-19, or coronavirus, is a severe acute respiratory syndrome that causes flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, and breathlessness. This virus is spreading rapidly throughout the world and transmission occurs via close contact or droplet infection, from both symptomatic and asymptomatic people.

Due to the lockdown in place in many countries, businesses are experiencing negative ramifications. Aesthetic and medical practices and clinics are among the most affected as public fear, social distancing, product shipping delays and more come into play.



The following are some tips for minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on your business:

Education & Preparation

Awareness and staff education play a key role in preparing your practice during a pandemic. You must always adhere to government recommendations, which can include putting protective policies in place and purchasing protective equipment.

Implement advanced sanitation and waste disposal protocol and, to stay prepared for when normalcy resumes, ensure that you stay stocked up on popular products.

Alongside these preventive measures, ask your employees to stay home if they feel sick. Maintain constant contact with your clients, employees, and government representatives and stay up to date with the latest information regarding the control measures.

Patient Flow

To manage patient flow, request that all patients contact your service desk or reception before they come to your clinic. When possible, avoid direct interaction with patients and use virtual methods such as video calling for proper guidance. Screen all incoming patients and, when necessary, reschedule instead of cancelling appointments.

It is recommended that you follow up with all patients regularly and limit the number of patients permitted inside your practice at once. Develop a triage protocol and distribute protective equipment. Make changes to waiting areas, including removing shared items like magazines and adding space in between chairs.

To prepare your practice for COVID-19, it is recommended that you implement social distancing, sanitization and waste disposal protocol immediately. Educate staff and patients and keep an open line of communication at all times, ensuring that you stay up to date on the latest news. Manage patient flow via screening and triage, and consider offering digital or in-home advice and treatment. If patients cannot visit your clinic/spa, consider sending them to your website and promote less invasive products such as creams or peels as part of a daily at-home beauty regiment.

At Medica Depot, we believe that everyone must do their part to emerge from this crisis stronger! You can rely on us to support your business during this challenging time.

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