This summer, Pharmacy Checker launched a lawsuit against a number of Big Pharma groups alleging the use of shadow regulation to control consumer access to information regarding online foreign pharmacies offering low-cost medications to United States residents.These groups, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP), Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies Ltd. (CSIP), LegitScript LLC, and Partnership for Safe Medicines, Inc. (PSM), are accused of leveraging relationships with internet gate keepers including search engines and domain name registrars. They are doing so in order to blacklist legitimate Canadian pharmacies, foreign pharmacies, and, restricting access to valuable information regarding ordering medication online, monopolizing the market and keeping U.S. drug prices high.

Brand name medications and dermal fillers can cost up to 90% less from a reputable international pharmacy than from a US pharmacy – and many consumers are unaware of this fact. The universal need for accessible, affordable prescription medication is at the forefront of this legal battle and at Medica Depot we believe in keeping our consumers informed.



Lawsuit Exposes Efforts to Keep U.S. Drug Prices High by Blocking Information About Lower Priced Online Options

Suit Against Pharmacy Groups Uses Antitrust as a Weapon Against Unaccountable Online Censorship