Orthovisc Injections are viscosupplements injected into the knee to alleviate pain, joint inflammation and discomfort caused by osteoarthritis. Viscosupplements are hyaluronic acid-based viscoelastic gels that are administered via injection to knees that are affected by osteoarthritis. Orthovisc viscosupplement contains hyaluronan, which mimics the naturally occurring substance in our joints that facilitates movement and rotation to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Orthovisc injections are offered to patients when traditional treatments for osteoarthritis such as physical therapy, acetaminophen, and exercise does not alleviate the patient’s conditions.

Knowing the side effects associated with Orthovisc injections sets proper expectations for its uses.

What is Orthovisc?

Orthovisc is one of the most trusted viscosupplement brands that has been used by thousands of patients for over 20 years.

Orthovisc is an ultra-pure, high molecular hyaluronic acid based viscosupplement that provides up to 6 months of efficacy combatting osteoarthritis with 3 to 4 injections. Its effectivity is attributed to the product’s high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in the formulation: 15 mg/mL — one of the highest in any injectable treatment.

Osteoarthritis is a progressive, degenerative disease in the knee joints that is caused by the breakdown of the knee joint cartilage. Over time, the cartilage in our joints gives way to its mobility/ rotation and wears out due to repetitive movements and even stress. The subsequent thinning and rubbing of raw muscles against one another cause stiffness, pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Osteoarthritis being a progressive degenerative medical condition has no cure and the symptoms worsen over time. A drug can be used to mitigate pain and discomfort and reinforce joint mobility.

The active ingredient in an Orthovisc injection is hyaluronic acid, which is the naturally occurring substance in our cartilage that lubricates our joints for mobility, rotation, and their range of motions. Orthovisc is injected into the synovial space in the knee joints to reinforce the depleting hyaluronic acid. This lubricates and lessens the painful and forceful contact amongst muscles and bones.

Information About Orthovisc Side Effects

The following are common Orthovisc injection side effects, which should not be any cause for panic. These injection side effects should go away on its own after a few days. Should reactions persist, a physician should be contacted immediately:

• Redness / pain / swelling / warmth / bruising at the injection site

• Inflammation of the knee joint

• Itching

• Reaction at the injection site

• Decreased appetite

• Headache

• Nausea

• Stomach irritation

• Stomach cramps

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

Should the following Orthovisc adverse effects be experienced, it is best to contact a physician immediately:

• Skin rash

• Hives

• Fever because of the medication

• Allergic reaction called anaphylaxis

• Swelling in the face / tongue / throat

• Severe dizziness

• Trouble breathing

Information About Orthovisc Drug Interactions

Orthovisc typically has minimal drug interactions. Caution is advised for patients with bleeding disorders or using anticoagulants due to potential increased bleeding risk. When used with benzalkonium chloride or cetylpyridinium-containing topical products, potential for local irritation or hypersensitivity exists. Healthcare providers should assess risks carefully and monitor patients closely, emphasizing prompt reporting of any adverse reactions.

Orthovisc Cost

An Orthovisc Injection costs anywhere from $500 to $800. These Orthovisc injection prices can be covered using various health plans. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional for any financing plans regarding the medications. If you’re looking to buy this medicine, contact our sales team at Medica Depot.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Orthovisc?

Osteoarthritis is an extremely serious medical condition that involves lifelong management. Medicine has not yet found a complete cure for the predicament. As a viscosupplement, the Orthovisc drug is dedicated to alleviating the pain and inflammation that patients go through daily.

By taking careful note of its possible side effects, Orthovisc may be administered safely by a doctor to provide sustainable comfort and pain alleviation to the patients who need it the most.