sculptura last

The duration of Sculptra’s effects has been studied extensively in the treatment of patients with HIV-related facial lipoatrophy. Based off the findings of multiple clinical trials, including the Vega study and the Blue Pacific study, among others, the duration of effect of Sculptra was seen to last up to 24 months, with increases in skin thickness and high patient satisfaction. Furthermore, the durable results of Sculptra can be further extended with retreatment. In one case study, the correction of HIV-associated facial lipoatrophy seen in a 45-year-old patient who underwent retreatment with Sculptra was maintained for two years and seven months.The duration of effect of Sculptra was examined further in a 2015 study that assessed the length of effect of Sculptra by using 3D imaging to quantitatively measure midface volume changes in 15 patients who received Sculptra treatment for aesthetic purposes over a one-year period. They found that treatment starts to take effect as early as 12 weeks following the last injection and that these results are maintained over a year later.

Due to its different mode of action as a collagen biostimulator, the duration of action of Sculptra is significantly longer than that of volume replacement fillers. Numerous years of studies and extensive clinical use have demonstrated Sculptra’s safety and efficacy as a dermal filler and proven its place in the aesthetic doctor’s arsenal of injectable soft tissue fillers.