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SOFTFIL® PRECISION Micro-Cannula 25G/40mm


Brand: Softfil

Manufacturer: Soft Medical Aesthetics
Strength: 25G/40mm
Pack Size: 20 kits
Accessories: Package insert, 20 Sterile Injection packs: 1 Micro-Cannula + 1 Sharp Needle Per Kit

SoftFil® Precision 25G 40MM is a sterile, single use medical device designed for nappage and linear filling in areas such as the chin, cheeks, jowl, tears trough, forehead and marionette lines. In addition, the cannulas can be used for dark circles, the nose and hands. The cannula should be injected into the medium dermis of the skin.

The range of SoftFil® Precision micro-cannulas are based on high technology and innovations, which makes them ideal for precise procedures. The cannulas have centimetic graduation along the tube to create a symmetrical depth of injection and surface treatment to allow a perfect sliding into the skin. In addition, the cannulas have a red dot on the hub to indicate location of side orifice.

The SoftFil® Precision micro-cannulas should be used by certified medical practitioners.

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1 - 5 $120.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

SoftFil Cannula is an advanced micro-cannula developed by Soft Medical Aesthetics Laboratories (a company based in Paris). Part of the Precision collection, SoftFil is designed to for administering lipofilling, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections into the skin. Plus, SoftFil is indicated for other medical applications. The Precision range comprises cannulas of fifteen different sizes. They are designed to meet all needs. This cannula has a length of 40 mm (1.5 inch), and a size of 25G. Designed for nappage and linear filling, it can be used on the jowl, cheek, dark circles, tears trough, chin, marionette lines, glabella, forehead, décolleté, hands, nose and temporal area. SoftFil is available in a box of 20 (along with pre-hole needles). SoftFil is a Class II a medical device.

Unique rheology: SoftFil allows for smoother product flow, thanks to its unique rheology properties
Surface treatment: SoftFil has undergone surface treatment to allow effortless sliding under the skin.
Red dot on hub: SoftFil has a red dot on hub, which enhances the accuracy of injection by showing the location of side orifice.
Graduated tube: SoftFil has a graduated tube, making it easier to adjust the injection depth symmetrically.
XL internal caliber: This cannula has an extra-large internal caliber, therefore requires lower injection pressure.

Package insert
Pre-hole needles of  25 Gauge

The high performance SoftFil ensures the precision and safety of injection. It reduces the injection pressure needed while allowing for smoother product flow.

Stainless-steel tube
Extra-large internal caliber
Extra-thin wall

This product is disposable and intended for one-time use only.

Treatment using SoftFil are non-invasive, therefore involves little-to-no downtime. SoftFil has a blunt tip design, which minimizes the risk of tissue traumatism.

Use SoftFil as directed. This product is designed for medium injection (medium hypodermis). Read the package insert carefully prior to use.
SoftFil is intended for use by licensed practitioners who have been properly trained. Self-administration of fillers using SoftFil  may result in irreversible, serious complications.
SoftFil is a disposable product designed for single use only. Safely dispose of used cannulas in compliance with local regulations/FDA guidelines. Do not re-sterilize or reuse SoftFil.

Feeling of heat at the skin injection site
Itching around the area where the injection was given
Erythema (skin redness)

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