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Brand: Monovisc

Manufacturer: Anika Therapeutics
Active Substance(s) : Sodium hyaluronate
Strength: 22mg/ml
Pack Size: 1-4ml prefilled syringe
Accessories: Package insert

The injectable viscosupplement is made from non-animal sodium hydrouronate and helps to treat osteoarthritis of the knee or other joint conditions. The sodium hyaluronate works in the same way as natural synovial fluid to lubricate and cushion joints. It also protects them from friction and pain. One injection can provide up to six months’ worth of osteoarthritis symptoms relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MONOVISC®, a single-treatment orthotic injectable by Anika Therapeutics, is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis in the knees. It is a sterile, cross-linked sodium hydrouronate gel with a concentration of 22mg/mL. The sodium hyaluronate comes from bacteria fermentation and is therefore non-animal. Mnovisc comes in a single 4mL prefilled syringe with implant gel. It is also accompanied by some traceability labels, product manual and some other information. All contents must be sterilised. This item should not be frozen.

MONOVISC® can be used to provide a viscosupplement to patients with painful symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. The protective fluid and tissues that protect the joints from this progressive disease wear down, causing the bones to rub together. The gel is injected and protects the bones from friction. This makes movements smoother. MONOVISC® can be used to supplement or replace other osteoarthritis management treatments, such as weight loss, taking analgesics, supplements, and wearing rehabilitation gears. Corrective joint surgery may be delayed by patients.

Osteoarthritis, a progressive disorder of the joints caused by the breakdown of cartilage between the joints, is irreversible. This is most commonly seen in older patients. This joint disorder can also be caused by a strong family history. The healthy synovial joint is composed of bones that are covered by articular cartilage. This provides smooth movement. The cartilage also produces lubricating fluid between the bones. This fluid is able to absorb sudden impacts and provides more lubrication to allow for normal joint movement. Osteoarthritis can cause damage to articular cartilage in joints. This causes bones to grind against one another with more friction. Osteoarthritis patients often feel agonizing pain, swelling, and loss of joint movement.

MONOVISC® is for patients who have not been able to manage their osteoarthritis symptoms using other pharmacological (e.g. Over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen or prescribed drugs such as celecoxib are available, but there are also non-pharmacological options (e.g. Weight loss, diet changes, proper exercise, and wearing mobility support gears are some of the possible treatments. The high molecular-weight sodium hyaluronate (gel) replaces the synovial fluid that has been lost in the affected joints. The implant gel creates a protective, slippery layer over the bones. The bone can move easily without any painful frictions. Joint mobility and quality of life can be restored for patients.

After determining the suitability of a patient for MONOVISC® treatment, this viscosupplement can only be intra-articularly injected. Any fluid buildup on the joint should be removed immediately and the needle thrown away. Make sure that the prefilled Syringe remains in its original packaging and has not expired. Aseptically remove the syringe from its packaging and attach a suitable (18G to 21G). After thorough skin sanitization, insert the orthopaedic implants gel into the joint synovial spaces. Recycle any gel or used needles, as they pose a biological risk.

MONOVISC® can be used as a convenient treatment. Instead of receiving multiple injections every week, a single dose is sufficient to improve symptoms. The site of injection and the severity of joint damage will determine how much gel is required. This is a medical procedure and only qualified medical professionals should perform it. You should not inject the gel into any blood vessels or nearby joint tissues. You could suffer life-threatening reactions such as blood clots and stroke. For a complete list of precautions and instructions, refer to the product manual.

MONOVISC® can provide pain relief for up to six months with a single treatment. Results may vary depending on the individual.

MONOVISC®, a safe viscosupplement, has been refined to be free of harmful endotoxins and animal proteins. Synovial fluid actually contains a high molecular weight hyaluronan, which is the gel content. The gel shares the same viscoelastic properties of the slippery synovial fluid. Patients are very unlikely to develop foreign body reactions. This implant is contraindicated for some people because it is made through a bacterial fermentation process.

Patients with skin conditions or inflammation around the joints, as well as joint infections, are not advised to use this implant. Safety profile remains unknown for pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as children. If your patients suffer from systemic bleeding disorders, you should exercise extra caution. For a complete list of contraindications, refer to the product manual.

Most patients experience mild reactions to the injection process.

Arthralgia (joint pain)
Temporary joint swelling
Pain at treated site
These reactions should abate within a few days. Just with any other non-invasive viscosupplementation procedure, patients should rest the treated joint by not participating in strenuous exercises like jogging and tennis. They should also avoid activities that last longer than an hour.

Allergic reaction
If patients do not recover from these reactions or develop allergic attacks (e.g. swollen tongue and mouth, breathing difficulties, nausea, vomiting, fever, dizziness, body aches), urge them to get immediate medical treatment. Refer to the product manual for a detailed list of adverse reactions.

MONOVISC® is a sodium hyaluronate viscosupplement derived via bacterial fermentation. The molecules are highly purified and extracted before being partially cross-linked to produce an elastic and viscous gel. The gel is biocompatible and biodegradable. After administering, the gel covers and lubricates the bones for better motion and support.

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