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Treatment for cellulit

Alidya is a powder made of amino acids and other ingredients. Inject Alidya into areas of the body with cellulite to help restructure adipose tissue, improving the look of skin. Only authorized personnel in accordance with local regulations should administer Alidya injections.

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Manufacturer: Ghimas S.p.A.
Active Substance(s) : Poliaminoacidic gel, a-D-(+) glucopyranose, 1-4 glycosidic, etilendiaminotetraacetic sodium, amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector, osmolarity regulator
Pack Size: 5-340mg vials with powder + 5-10ml vials with solvent.
Accessories: Package insert

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Where can I buy this product?

You can order Alidya online from or you can phone our friendly customer service associates to order this and other medical supplies. When you order Alidya from Medica Depot, you can help reduce the appearance of cellulite to give your patient smoother, more contoured skin.

What does this product come with?

  • 5-10 ml vials
  • 5 vials containing 340mg powder
  • Packaging insert

What are the benefits of this product?

Alidya is an anti-lipodystrophic agent called 2nd Motolese's solution, made of amino acids and other ingredients. This solution helps gradually restructure the skin's volume to reduce the appearance of gynoid lipodystrophy, also known as cellulite. Alidya contains active ingredients that help prevent the cellular conditions that are conducive to the formation of cellulite, including unsatisfactory microcirculation, deposited toxins, and tissue damage. Alidya then prevents the formation of new cellulite by curbing the processes that lend to free radical damage thanks to its antioxidant effects.

How does this product work?

Research suggests cellulite may form as the ability of blood to flow through small blood vessels in the skin decreases and metal ions are deposited, which can be toxic to cells. Alidya contains amino acids and other ingredients, which help remove toxic elements, rebalance the skin cells, restore oxygen to tissue, and restructure the underlying adipose tissue. Restructuring the underlying tissue helps to smooth the appearance of the surface skin, reducing the look of depressions and irregular skin. Furthermore, Alidya then prevents the formation of new cellulite in that area by providing the tissue with protection against free radical damage. Alidya specifically targets, eliminates, and prevents the formation of cellulite for a comprehensive and thorough cellulite reduction treatment.

What are the ingredients?

Polyamino acidic gel, a-D-(+) glucopyranose, 1-4 glycosidic, ethylenediaminetetraacetic sodium, amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector, osmolarity regulator.

Use Instructions

How to inject this product

Only qualified professionals should inject this anti-lipodystrophic agent. To use Alidya, first disinfect the area. Use a sterile syringe to transfer the solution to the vial containing the powder, then shake the mixture for a few seconds and wait for it to clear to a pinkish color. The mixed solution will also have a distinctive odor: this is normal. Use a 30G 4mm needle to inject Alidya into the deep dermal layer or subcutaneous layer using the mesotherapy method, also known as localized intradermal therapy, with a 0.2 to 0.3ml micro bolus into the subcutaneous skin, or transdermally. You can help the treatment results by using massage for manual lymphatic or pneumatic drainage. For complete instructions on how to use Alidya, refer to your product leaflet.

When should I use this product?

Depending on the treatment area and the amount of cellulite present, you should administer Alidya in a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve weekly treatment sessions. Each session may require 1 or 2 ampoules of Alidya. To maintain the treatment results, you should repeat the Alidya injections once a year.

What areas can I treat with this product?

Alidya can be used to treat any area where cellulite is present. Common noticeable areas that typically have cellulite include the buttocks, thighs, and hip area.

How long do results last?

Results are expected to last permanently. For optimal results, multiple treatments may be required. This anti-cellulite treatment must be performed in conjunction with proper diet and exercise in order to produce effective results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for this product?

Suitable candidates for Alidya injections are those looking to minimize the appearance of cellulite in a minimally invasive, non-surgical manner. Alidya can also be used as a post-liposuction treatment, to correct the appearance of the skin after a fat removal method such as intralipotherapy, or as a post-intralipotherapy treatment, to correct adipose tissue change and thereby improve upon the appearance of skin.

Why should I purchase this product?

Eliminate cellulite with Alidya. This amino acid cocktail is specially formulated to target and dissolve areas of cellulite, and is a safer and faster alternative to surgery and liposuction. Alidya contains a carefully selected mix of amino acids that remodels adipose tissue from within, smoothing skin and minimizing the appearance of cellulite in the skin.

Are there any side effects?

Alidya can cause side effects such as light to moderate redness at the injection site or small, superficial hematomas, but these should resolve within a few hours. Rarely, your patient could experience episodes of transient pain after injection. Like all injections, injecting this solution involves a risk of infection. These may not be all the possible Alidya side effects

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