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Brand: Mirena

Manufacturer: Bayer
Active Substance(s): Levonorgestrel
Strength: 52mg
Pack Size: 1 IUD
Accessories: Package insert

MIRENA® is a hormonal intrauterine system that can provide both contraceptive protection and treatment of idiopathic heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) for up to 5 years. It is inserted into the uterus and releases the hormone levonorgestrel in small doses (initially 20 μg/24 hours) into the uterine cavity.


Frequently Asked Questions

MIRENA® is a form of female contraception that works by slowly and evenly releasing levonorgestrel (a hormone) into the uterine cavity. MIRENA® is effective for up to five years. The mechanism by which levonorgestrel prevents pregnancy is not known, but it is suggested that it works by thickening the cervical mucus so as to impede the passage of sperm into the uterus, inhibiting sperm capacitation or survival, and altering the endometrium. The device is a small T-shaped plastic apparatus that has a steroid reservoir that holds the hormone around the vertical stem. This device also has removal threads attached to the end of the stem. MIRENA® should be placed in the uterus by a healthcare professional. Insertion is performed with an inserter in a short procedure at the doctor’s office.

MIRENA® is used to prevent pregnancy in women for up to five years. If the woman wishes to continue contraception, the MIRENA® apparatus should be replaced. MIRENA® is recommended for women who have had at least one child. Patients should note that MIRENA® does not protect its user against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

The delivery of levonorgestrel with MIRENA® is consistent. Fertility is reversible with MIRENA®; upon removal, patients can try to conceive immediately. MIRENA® is also estrogen-free. With proper placement, MIRENA® is more than 99% effective.

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