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INTRALINE® SPIRAL S2938 – 29G 38mm/50mm



Quantity Price
1 - 5 $109.00
6 - 10 $99.00
11 - 20 $94.00
21+ $89.00

Manufacturer: Mecobi Co. Ltd.
Active Substance(s) : POLYDIOXANONE
Pack Size: 20 x Thread Foil Pack (10 x 2 Individually Sterlized packs of 10 Threads)
Accessories: Package insert

Intraline Spiral threads have one or two intertwined threads around the needle and provide good volume restoration to sunken areas of the skin. The production of collagen around the threads and their barbs helps to restore volume and improves the skin texture and elasticity resulting in a natural aesthetics outcome. Lifting and realigning dermal tissue that has sagged or is drooping.


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