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Intraline Spiral S3038 - 30G 38mm/50mm

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1 - 5 pack(s) $109.00 USD
6 - 10 pack(s) $99.00 USD
11 - 20 pack(s) $94.00 USD
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Manufacturer: MECOBI Co., Ltd.
Pack Size: 20 threads

Intraline Spiral S2938 - 29G 38mm/50mm

$109.00 / pack
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Quantity Our Price
1 - 5 pack(s) $109.00 USD
6 - 10 pack(s) $99.00 USD
11 - 20 pack(s) $94.00 USD
21+ pack(s) USD$89.00 89.00USD
Manufacturer: MECOBI Co., Ltd.
Pack Size: 20 threads

Product Information

What are Intraline Spiral Threads?

Intraline Spiral Threads are polydioxanone (PDO) sutures used when performing a thread lift. These threads are composed of monofilament threads that are wound around the needle. Intraline Spiral Threads have been shown to provide superior lifting and holding effects.

Accessories or items included

  • Product insert
  • Threads (S2938 and S3038) individually packaged in foil packs of 20

What are the benefits of this product?

These threads are made of a high-quality biocompatible material that is routinely used in medical applications and devices, thereby ensuring patient safety and tolerability. Used to help tighten and reposition facial skin, these sutures give the patient a subtle lifted effect to reverse the effects of aging. The thread stopper is specially designed for precise placement with minimal migration.

How does this product work?

Intraline Spiral Threads are inserted under the skin in areas of laxity, where they act to provide mechanical support to the dermal tissue while realigning the skin for a lifted effect. Consequently, this procedure helps to treat sagging skin and alleviate wrinkles. Spiral threads are normally deployed in instances that require considerable lift to achieve the intended effects.  
Thread lifting has a secondary biochemical effect: when implanted in the skin, the threads help promote the generation of collagen, leading to dermal texture improvement.

What are the ingredients?

This product consists of polydioxanone monofilaments that are spiraled around the needle. The S2938 model has a gauge size of 29G and a length range of 38­–50mm, while the S3038 version has a gauge size of 30G and a length range of 38–50mm.

Use Instructions

How to inject/administer this product

This product should be administered by a qualified healthcare professional who is properly trained in performing the procedure. Prepare the planned treatment site by cleansing with alcohol. Administer these smooth, short threads using the recommended “free floating” method, which does not need an anchor point. Create an entry point with the needle and insert the thread fully under the skin. Create traction by applying pressure, and then retract the needle or cannula whilst leaving the thread behind.

When should I use this product?

This product is used in a medical procedure that takes between half an hour to two hours to carry out.

What areas can I treat with this product?

These PDO spiral threads can be used to tighten and lift various facial areas, including the jawline, lower face, mid-face and cheek, and the periorbital and brow area. This product can also be used on non-facial areas like the neck.

How long do results last?

Patients can expect instant tightening effects with their thread lift treatment that will improve over the subsequent six to eight months. In total, the duration of effects is expected to last for up to 18 months.

What is the expected recovery time for my patients?

The thread lift procedure requires minimal downtime for the patient, who can then resume their normal routine after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important tips for my patient's safety before I use this product on them?

Treatment with this product has been shown to be well-tolerated by most patients and generates few side effects. Thread lifts are ideal for individuals between their 30s and 50s who are looking to treat their mild to moderate skin laxity.
Conversely, patients who should not receive treatment with Intraline threads are people that have an HIV infection, hepatitis B and C, auto-immune diseases, or an existing infection; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; patients who are on anti-coagulation therapy; and those prone to keloid formation.

What is unique to this product?

Intraline Spiral Threads have been shown to provide more powerful lifting effects than other monofilament thread configurations due to its superior holding capability.

What are the most common side effects from using this product?

Intraline PDO threads have been shown to be well-tolerated and safe for use; side effects that occur are usually procedure-related and mild in severity. Patients may expect injection-related reactions such as redness, tenderness, edema, or bruising; effects that should subside within a few days. Rare complications that have been reported with Intraline PDO thread use include formation of granulomas, thread migration, and the development of skin buckling. These effects may be resolved by removal of the affected threads.

Who can inject this product?

This product should only be inserted by a qualified medical professional that has have received training in performing this procedure.

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