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Brand: Mediderma

Country Origin : SPAIN
Manufacturer : MEDIDERMA
Active Substance : Ferulic Acid – TCA – Vit C
Strength : Dark circles-Antioxidant face, neck, decolletage
Package size : 50ml

Synergy of antioxidant and keratolytic actives for the treatment of photo damage in face, décolleté and hands. The combination of Ferulic acid and e-vitC neutralizes the action of free radicals, pro- tects the skin from photo-damage and reduces a high percentage of the dimers of thymine. Alpha-arbutin, together with the Ferulic acid and e-vitC, reduce the activity of the tyro- sinase. The combination of TCA and salicylic acid dissolves the material that keeps the cells bound in the stratum corneum, moves the epidermis and promotes epidermal turnover.

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