Belkyra is a deoxycholic acid solution that is administered to localized fat pockets under the chin to permanently eliminate them. In this manner, the cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, and the jawline and neck are streamlined for a more contoured look. Belkyra is the only non-surgical treatment for double chin with extensive clinical testing and approval. Belkyra has been clinically evaluated and shown to have an overall high efficacy rate and tolerability, producing mild and minimal side effects that are self-resolving. Therefore, it is the ideal treatment for patients who want to treat submental fullness but who are reluctant to undergo surgery.

Belkyra is used to treat double chin, a condition which is often resistant to diet and exercise as it is usually caused by aging and genetics. Treatment entails administering Belkyra into the fat tissue in the submental area by subcutaneous injection. Depending on the patient’s desired results and the amount and distribution of fat in the submental area, between 2 to 4 treatments sessions (with a maximum of 6) conducted once every 4 weeks is usually needed for optimal results. The results from Belkyra treatment are permanent, as long as the patient does not gain weight in the future. For best results, it is recommended that the patient maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

How Belkyra and Kybella similar?

Both Belkyra and Kybella contain deoxycholic acid as their main active ingredient. The main difference is the name, as manufacturers sometimes different names across countries. In essence, both Kybella and Belkyra are used in body sculpting procedures as lipodissolve injections. 

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