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Country Origin: SPAIN
Manufacturer: Mediderma
Active Substance(s) : ARGININE, LACTIC ACID
Strength: %20, %20
Package size: 100ml

ARGIPEEL EXFOLIATING GEL A pH 2.25-2.75 gel texture peel with flash exfoliating effect. With moisturising and brightening skin properties. Instant effect.Key ingredient, Arginine is an amino acid derived from the fermentation and purification of plant carbohydrates (naturally occurring sugar cane). As a large molecule, its penetration thorough the stratum corneum is long and slow, which means no irritation. In combination with lactic acid it is possible to benefit from all the properties of the alpha hydroxy acids (exfoliation, increased cell turnover, improved skin firmness, reduced hyperpigmentations. but with no itching stinging, or burning sensations.


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