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Injection lipolysis treatment
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Manufacturer: Marllor Biomedical
Active Substance(s) : Motolese's solution
Pack Size: 10-8ml vials
Accessories: Package insert

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Aqualyx is an aqueous solution with a micro-gelatinous base formulated for the purpose of controlling and enhancing the action of external ultrasound waves for the microcavitation of adipose tissue for the medical treatment of lipohypertrophy, and “buffalo hump” in HIV positive patients, to be used in conjunction with the Sonolux medical ultrasound wave generator. When injected into adipose tissue using a technique called intralipotherapy, Aqualyx produces an aqueous imbibition of the tissue permitting ultrasound waves, which are applied externally on the skin, to produce a process of microcavitation in the area where the solution was injected, enhancing the drainage of organic fluids present in the treated tissue. This protocol called, cavitational adipocytolisis, is indicated for the non-surgical treatment of the above cited cases and in particular the superior lateral region of the thigh, also called “culotte de cheval.” from the medial thigh area and from the medial zone around the knee and hips.

Where can I buy this product?

Aqualyx is an injection that helps to break down fatty tissue for a slimmer appearance, and if you are a licensed doctor or medical practitioner you can order Aqualyx online from When you buy wholesale Aqualyx from Medica Depot, you can help your patients reduce the appearance of their last stubborn deposits of fat that they are unable to lose through weight loss.

What does this product come with?

  • 10-8ml vials
  • Package insert

What are the benefits of this product?

Aqualyx is an injectable solution made of the ingredients: water for injection purposes (87%), a polymer from 3, 6-Anhydro-L-Galactose and D-Galactose (0.5%), buffer systems (4.2%), sodium salt of (3α, 5α, 12α) - 3, 12-dihydroxy-5-cholan-24-acid (7.5%), and sodium chloride (0.8%). Aqualyx is meant to be injected into adipose tissue to reduce the appearance of stubborn pockets of fat that persist despite weight loss in other areas. Target areas of Aqualyx could include the thighs, hips, knee area, area beneath the buttocks, back, stomach, chin, and area beneath the chin. Aqualyx is also used to treat pseudogynecomastia, which is breast-like fat deposits on men that are caused by weight gain. Aqualyx is meant to reduce the appearance of small areas of stubborn fat, not for general weight loss in obese patients.

How does this product work?

Aqualyx works by using 12alfa-dihydroxy-5beta-24-oico cholanic acid sodium salt to alter the fat cell membranes, and when you apply the ultrasound to the skin's surface, the fat cells swell and break. The fatty liquid that is released from the fat cells drains into the body where it is metabolized and excreted using the lymphatic system. After the fat cells have been damaged by the Aqualyx injections and ultrasound, the excess fat exits the patient's body through urination. This localized fat removal helps to reduce the fat deposits in the target area, leading to a slimmer appearance in that area.

What are the ingredients?

Sodium Hyaluronate (5mg/ml), polyrevitalizing solution.

Use Instructions

How to inject/administer this product

Use a cannula to inject Aqualyx into adipose tissues in two injection sites, using an anesthetic like lidocaine separately or mixed with the solution if desired. After the injection, use an ultrasound device on the body's surface to help dissipate the fat cells in the injection area.

When should I use this product?

Your patients may notice a difference after their 30- to 60-minute Aqualyx treatment sessions. The best results will come after 2 to 8 sets of Aqualyx injections, 4 weeks apart, but this varies by the area treated and on the individual patient and the volume of fat present. For example, between 2 and 3 Aqualyx injections may be all that is needed to reduce the look of excess chin fat, but fatty hips may require the entire set of eight Aqualyx injections.

What areas can I treat with this product?

Aqualyx treats localized pockets of fat underneath the skin’s surface, commonly located on the back, chin, stomach, underneath the buttocks (saddlebags), hips, thighs, and knees. In men, Aqualyx can be used to treat pseudogynecomastia.

How long do results last?

The results of a treatment with Aqualyx are permanent, as long as the patient maintains a consistent weight. If the patient gains weight, there is a possibility that the fat pockets will reoccur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for this product?

Aqualyx can be recommended as a form of treatment to patients aged 18–60 who have pockets of fat that are difficult to remove through diet and exercise. Pregnant or lactating women should not receive Aqualyx injections, and neither should patients who have any health problems such as skin conditions, infection, or autoimmune disease. Patients who have a history of serious allergic reactions and anaphylaxis should not receive Aqualyx treatments. Aqualyx is meant for patients who have small deposits of fat, not for obese patients who are looking for general weight loss.

Why should I purchase this product?

Many patients are using diet and exercise to lose weight, but often they find they have stubborn areas of fat they just cannot get rid of. Buy Aqualyx from Medica Depot to help these patients rid themselves of the last stubborn fat deposits on their chin, thighs, stomach, and other problem areas. When you order wholesale Aqualyx online from, you can help your patients slim their appearance with a minimally invasive injection of Aqualyx.

Are there any side effects?

The most common Aqualyx side effects include bruising at the injection site, skin irritation, and edema, usually resolving within a few days.

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