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What Is Xeomin, and How Does it Work?

Xeomin is a medication used in botulinum therapy treatment based on botulinum toxin type A. Xeomin injections correct age-related changes, primarily as a treatment to smooth out dynamic skin lines and wrinkles in various facial areas.

Xeomin is one of the most modern and up-to-date preparations, which has been available on the German market since 2005. The product is manufactured by Merz Aesthetics, and today it is successfully used in almost all countries.

Xeomin is a unique form of botulinum toxin that lacks complexing proteins and remains stable at room temperature for up to 4 years. When administered into muscles, it disrupts local neuromuscular transmission, resulting in targeted muscle weakness. By binding to pre-synaptic receptors in motor nerve terminals, Xeomin is internalized through receptor-mediated endocytosis and selectively cleaves SNAP-25, a protein involved in muscle contraction. This cleavage inhibits the release of acetylcholine, leading to muscle paralysis. The clinical effects of Xeomin typically begin within 24-72 hours following injection, reach their peak at around 4-6 weeks, and last for several months.

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What Is It Used for?

Xeomin is used both in cosmetology and medicine. That being said, treating the problem of noticeable skin wrinkles and frown lines is not its primary use. In medicine, Xeomin is used for treatment of the following neurological disorders:

  • Blepharospasm;
  • Involuntary contraction of the neck muscles (cervical dystonia);
  • Spastic movements.

Xeomin application in cosmetology:

  • Smoothing horizontal skin wrinkles and lines on the forehead;
  • Smoothing vertical skin lines and wrinkles and creases in the area between the eyebrows (glabellar lines or wrinkles);
  • Smoothing fine lines around the outer corners of the eyes, so-called “crow’s feet”;
  • Removal of skin wrinkles or frown lines around the lips;
  • Improvement and correction of facial contours.

How Long Do Results Last?

The duration of Xeomin’s effects can vary from person to person. Generally, the effects of Xeomin injections are expected to last between three and six months. However, it’s important to note that individual results may vary. Factors such as the dosage administered, the specific area treated, and an individual’s unique response to the medication can all influence the duration of Xeomin’s effects.

Is It Safe?

Xeomin is considered safe when used appropriately and administered by a qualified healthcare professional, as with other products such as Botox and Dysport. Regulatory authorities have approved it to treat various medical and cosmetic conditions. However, Xeomin carries potential risks and side effects like any medical procedure or treatment.

Xeomin Benefits

  1. Unlike Botox and Dysport, Xeomin does not contain the hemagglutinin protein;
  2. Xeomin permits a broader temperature range for transportation and storage than Botox or Dysport;
  3. An innovative product that helps eliminate skin lines or wrinkles while preserving facial expressions;
  4. Gentle, mild action;
  5. The risk of periorbital swelling is minimized;
  6. Quick and visible results on the first 2-3 days after the injection, confirmed by numerous Xeomin reviews.

Side Effects

Botulinum therapy with products such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, is a complex cosmetology area that involves injecting botulinum toxin preparations into the muscle tissue. Remember that such procedures involving Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, must be performed by highly qualified specialists with the appropriate higher medical education!

Before the injection, an experienced doctor will gather the patient’s medical history. They will then conduct the necessary procedures and check the risks of side-effects and reactions stemming from the treatment.

Contra-indications include:

  • Impaired blood clotting;
  • Inflammatory or infectious processes in areas where injections are planned;
  • Acute illnesses and chronic illnesses in the exacerbation stage;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

While using Xeomin (which contains incobotulinum toxin A as its active ingredient), there is a possibility of experiencing specific side effects.

Here are some possible side effects associated with Xeomin treatment:

  • Injection site reactions;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Headache;
  • Dry mouth or eyes;
  • Flu-like symptoms;
  • Allergic reactions.

Purchasing only original products from a reputable Botox or Xeomin wholesaler is crucial to ensure quality.

Treatment Of Wrinkles Aftercare

After the treatment with Xeomin, the following activities are prohibited for 48 to 72 hours:

  • Sleeping on the stomach;
  • Bending over;
  • Applying decorative cosmetics to the treated area;
  • Massaging the skin.

For 14 days, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Engaging in sports;
  • Visiting saunas and steam rooms;
  • Visiting tanning salons and beaches;
  • Taking antibiotics;
  • Consuming alcohol.

What Is Xeomin Made of?

Xeomin is manufactured in three different strengths: 50 Units, 100 Units, or 200 Units. Each vial contains incobotulinum toxin A, 1 mg human albumin, and 4.7 mg sucrose.


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