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T-SAFE® is a highly-regarded and the most widely used copper intrauterine device. Buy T-SAFE® at Medica Depot.

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Made from the highest quality materials, when purchased from authentic sources and with a properly licensed application, this device provides a guarantee of both efficacy and safety.

What Is T-SAFE® and What Is It Used For?

T-SAFE® is used as a highly effective, secure, long-term, and non-hormonal contraceptive device for women, widely recognized for its reliability in preventing pregnancy. T-SAFE® works by hindering the implantation of an egg in the uterine wall and exhibiting spermicidal properties by impairing sperm motility and viability. These mechanisms of action all stem from the highest purity copper wire (99.99%) coiled around a polyethylene base, which together constitute T-SAFE®. By releasing copper ions, the product creates an environment hostile to both sperm and ovum.

This device is a favored option of contraception because it maintains a woman’s natural cycle and prevents conception with over 99% effectiveness. The appeal of T safe cu 380a extends to its reversibility, offering women the convenience of an easy and instant return to their natural fertility through a straightforward removal procedure administered by a medical professional, whenever it is desired or needed.

What Is The Lifespan Of T-SAFE®, One Of The Best IUD Products?

According to the World Health Organization’s recommendations, copper IUDs like the product T-SAFE® are deemed safe and effective for contraception close  to 10 years. However, research has indicated that the durability and effectiveness of copper IUDs may extend beyond this standard 10-year period. Despite these findings, it’s important to exercise caution. The efficacy of a copper IUD is primarily contingent on the rate at which copper ions are released into the uterus. As time progresses and the copper gradually dissolves, the device’s contraceptive effectiveness can decrease due to the reduced availability of copper. This reduction in effectiveness over time may also increase the risk of infection. Therefore, adhering to the recommended duration of use is essential for ensuring both the efficacy and safety of the device.

What Are The Side Effects Of T-SAFE®?

Common side effects of copper IUDs, such as T-SAFE®, include potentially heavier, longer, or more painful menstrual periods usually in the beginning after the device is installed. However, it’s important to note that these changes can be very subtle, and the majority of women often find that they don’t notice the slight increase in blood loss.

Additionally, there is an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), an infection that affects the uterus. In some instances, IUD removal can be challenging if the device becomes embedded in the uterine wall, requiring surgical intervention. Furthermore, in the rare event of this type of device failing to prevent pregnancy, there is a 5% likelihood that the pregnancy could be ectopic, meaning it develops outside of the uterus.

T-SAFE® vs Competition

When evaluating factors such as logevity, cost, and side effects, T-SAFE® stands out as a top-tier choice among IUDs. While hormonal IUDs like Mirena, Kyleena, and Jaydess come close to a similar lifespan of approximately 3-6 years, their higher cost may diminish their overall value in comparison. Additionally, the range of close side effects associated with hormonal IUDs extends beyond those typically seen with T-SAFE®. Along with the general side effects of IUDs, hormonal options may lead to amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation), the development of ovarian cysts, and potential impacts on mental health—concerns that are not typically associated with T-SAFE®, a generally safe and secure product.

T-SAFE® Product Range

Our product selection features the T-SAFE® CU 380A QL IUD (Quick Load) pack with specifications of which include:

  • Copper Surface Area: 380 mm², ensuring optimal effectiveness.
  • IUD Width: 31.9 mm,
  • IUD Length: 35.9 mm, designed for ideal uterine compatibility.
  • Loading Tube Width: 4.75 mm, facilitating easier and quicker insertion.

Where Can I Buy T-SAFE® ?

T-SAFE® is easily available online or wholesale. Contact us and buy today!


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