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SMB® products are intrauterine devices (IUDs) meticulously crafted for contraception by the esteemed SMB® Corporation of India. SMB®’s innovative contraceptive solutions boast a remarkable blend of effectiveness and safety. Their medical devices received regulatory approvals from ANVISA, CDSCO, COFEPRIS, European Union, Health Canada, SFDA, TFDA, UNFPA, and USAID. Before you decide to buy SMB® products for your patients' contraceptive requirements, this guide offers crucial insights and recommendations for an informed and empowered decision in reproductive healthcare.

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SMB®: Pioneering Excellence in Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices 

With a four-decade legacy, SMB® is a world leader in the production of intrauterine contraceptive devices made of copper and copper alloys, exporting them to more than 148 countries. The company maintains strict quality control, putting its products through extensive testing at globally recognized laboratories including TÜV SÜD SINGAPORE, SGS, Intertek, and FHI 360 in the USA. 

SMB® guarantees a world-class production environment under 10,000 Clean Room Conditions, covering the whole manufacturing process from molding to assembling, from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. You can buy SMB® devices in three different sizes (small, normal, and maxi), and the ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications they hold highlight SMB®’s dedication to quality. Their CE-marked medical devices comply with the most recent European Commission Medical Devices Medical Devices Guidance document MEDDEV 2.1/3 REV 3. 

SMB®’s IUDs, including SMB® TCu 380A and SMB® TCu 380Ag, along with IUD Thread Retriever and Probes, have earned approval from esteemed regulatory bodies, including Health Canada, MDSAP, ANVISA, the European Union SFDA, and TFDA.

How do SMB® IUDs work? 

IUDs, such as SMB® IUDs, are highly effective contraceptives using copper ions to impair sperm movement and prevent fertilization providing long-term birth control with minimal user intervention. Copper is toxic to sperm, impairing their ability to move and preventing fertilization. Additionally, the copper ions create an environment within the uterus that is hostile to both sperm and eggs, further inhibiting fertilization. The copper IUD triggers an inflammatory response, hindering sperm and affecting the uterine lining, while also altering cervical mucus to limit sperm movement. In rare fertilization, the IUD prevents pregnancy by inhibiting implantation, adding an extra layer of contraceptive efficacy.

Benefits You Provide Your Patients With When You Buy SMB® IUDs

First of all, one notable advantage of SMB® IUDs is their hormone-free composition, distinguishing them as an appealing contraceptive option for individuals who prefer or require a non-hormonal approach. These copper intrauterine devices (IUDs) operate solely on the contraceptive properties of copper, avoiding the introduction of hormonal elements into the body. 

For individuals sensitive to hormonal fluctuations or those with specific health considerations, the hormone-free nature of SMB® offers a reliable and effective contraceptive solution without impacting the body’s hormonal balance. This benefit not only provides a diverse array of contraceptive choices but also addresses the preferences and health needs of a broad spectrum of individuals seeking long-term, hormone-free birth control.

Buy SMB® Products for Empowering Family Planning Choices

SMB® stands as an ideal choice for family planning, offering a myriad of benefits. A single insertion provides long-term, highly effective prevention of pregnancy, eliminating the need for constant user intervention. 

These contraceptive options allow for uninterrupted sexual activity and since they operate without hormones, they are safe for breastfeeding mothers. Fertility is promptly restored upon removal, ensuring a swift return to reproductive options. Besides, the IUD poses no interactions with other medicines, enhancing its safety and reliability. Its convenience and user-friendly nature allow for insertion at any point during the menstrual cycle, following birth, or post-abortion.

Additionally, its checking mechanism ensures its proper placement, and it is discrete so it preserves the element of secrecy for individuals seeking a confidential contraceptive solution.

How Long Does SMB® IUDs Last? 

The replacement timeline for various IUDs is crucial for ensuring continuous and effective contraception. Specifically, the T Cu 380A requires replacement after 10 years, while the Copper 375 (Cu 375), CuT 380 Plus, and TCu 380 Ag should be replaced within 5 years. For the CuT 200 B and Copper 250 (Cu 250), timely replacement is recommended every 3 years. Adhering to these replacement intervals ensures the sustained efficacy and reliability of the respective IUDs in providing long-term contraceptive benefits.

Where Can I Buy SMB® Online?

In conclusion, when considering the purchase of SMB® contraceptive products, it is imperative to prioritize sourcing from licensed and reputable resources. Also, opting to buy SMB® wholesale not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also guarantees a consistently stocked inventory, preventing disruptions in availability. 

For assistance with the procurement process, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated sales agents. Enhance your patients’ family planning options with confidence – buy SMB® contraceptive products, ensuring effective and hormone-free birth control.


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