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Wondering where to buy Re N Tox™? For all those working in the Medspa industry, Re N Tox™ is not a new name they hear. Loved for its various uses, helping improve patients' quality of life, the brand is establishing itself as one of the top competitors. Medica Depot has a longstanding reputation of being the first point of contact for licensed medical professionals for inquiries about top-quality products. Contact us to receive more information on where to buy Re N Tox™ wholesale.

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With Asian beauty products and solutions becoming mainstream in the cosmetology industry, it is only natural for the number of competitive brands available worldwide to rise. One is Re N Tox™. 

Re N Tox™ is a brand name for a type A botulinum toxin, created by a South Korean company called Pharma Research Bio. Usually used in treatments of mild to severe wrinkles but known for its health-related benefits and loved for its long-lasting effects, the brand is becoming a first-choice buy for global industry professionals. 

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What Is Re N Tox™ Used For?

Specialists buy Re N Tox™ to administer for various patient’s needs. 

From wrinkle correction to restraining muscle contraction, this type of injectable has uses that can be either beauty or health-related. 

The filler is often seen as a remedy for visible signs of aging, but there are other benefits our clients consider. 

Some of the uses for Re N Tox™ include:

  • wrinkle correction
  • excessive sweating
  • facial muscular spasms (eyelids, half-face)
  • local muscle spasms in cerebral palsy patients

Doctors also recommend Re N Tox™ to patients suffering from stroke consequences and experiencing focal spasticity of the wrist and hand. The drug can be injected into various body muscles, and the procedure must be performed by licensed professionals only. 

How Long Does Re N Tox™ Last?

Re N Tox™ is known to have the lowest diffusion of other botulinum toxin-based injectables. 

Its treatments show fast action and effect. Patients can feel relief moments after the procedure, while true effects are expected to show in a matter of a few days and can last for over six months. Do note that the effect varies from patient to patient and the indication for the administration of the treatment.   

Re N Tox™ Product Range – Re N Tox 100 Units

When you buy Re N Tox™ wholesale, you can choose two variants of the product, depending on the dose needed:

  • Re N Tox™ 100 units 

ReNTox™ 100 units utilizes botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles, effectively smoothing wrinkles and preventing the formation of new lines. With its carefully calibrated dosage and administration by trained professionals, ReNTox™ 100 units provides patients with subtle yet impactful effect, helping them achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance with minimal downtime. Its efficacy and safety profile have made it a trusted option for individuals seeking non-invasive cosmetic enhancements.

  • Re N Tox™  200 units

The same as Re N Tox™ 100 units, with the dosage doubled.

Contact Medica Depot sales agents for guidance on how to buy Re N Tox™ online at wholesale prices. 

Re N Tox™ Side Effects

During initial patient consultations, it is important to ask for previous medical records and possible allergies and to offer advice on the upkeep of the effect. Re N Tox™ should never be used as a substitute for quality skincare, but it can help prevent other invasive procedures. The drug should also never be administered to pregnant or lactating patients. 

Possible Re N Tox™ 100 units side effects include:

  • Redness and other skin reactions
  • Pain, swelling, or bruising on the injection area
  • Blurred vision if administered on eyelids

The shelf life of the product is relatively short. That’s why we recommend you always buy Re N Tox™ from trusted sources to ensure you order a safe and genuine product. 

Re N Tox™ vs Similar Products

Products like Re N Tox™ have a long list of competitors, especially among other Asian brands. What sets this Re n Tox apart from other botulinum toxin type A products is the fact that it offers lower diffusion, making the effects of the treatment last longer, and helping specialists target small, particular areas for botulinum toxin type A administration. 

Here’s a comparison of Re N Tox and other botulinum toxin type A products:

  • ReNTox™ prioritizes hydration through hyaluronic acid, whereas NABOTA® focuses on dynamic facial lines with botulinum toxin type A.
  • ReNTox™ is administered through gentle massage for deep skin penetration, while DYSPORT® and Azzalure are both administered via injection for wrinkle and muscle spasm treatment.
  • ReNTox™ emphasizes skin hydration, contrasting with the primary purpose of DYSPORT® and Azzalure, which is to address wrinkles and muscle spasms with botulinum toxin type A.

Where Can I Buy Re N Tox™?

Medica Depot is an all-in-one portal supplying high-quality medical injectables and supplies to licensed Medspa professionals worldwide. Since we first launched, we have put all our efforts into creating the best possible customer experience. We are always in touch with the latest developments, and our easy-to-navigate website offers all the information you might find useful in your business. 

Feel free to contact our sales team for more information on where to buy Re N Tox™ botulinum toxin type A product wholesale.


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