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If you need to buy LIPORASE, then contact our support team at Medica Depot. They will help you get the safest and most approachable offer from a licensed distributor of products for professional use. LIPORASE is a hyaluronidase injection used to solve the consequences of incorrect administration of hyaluronic acid, as well as a preparatory step before other procedures. It breaks down the excess and helps the body recover naturally. Get in touch for more information on where to purchase the product online.

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Why Does Every Aesthetic Practice Need Liporaase and Where to Buy Liporase Online?

In most cases, dermal filler corrections using hyaluronic acid rarely result in complications.

However, incorrect administration or dosage calculation errors can cause undesirable consequences, such as granulomas, hypercorrection, skin inflammation, necrosis of the dermal tissues, and scars.

A hyaluronidase injection is one of the most efficient and rapid methods to address the consequences of an excess of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronidase is a class of enzymes that effectively breaks down hyaluronic acid in the body into smaller fragments called oligomers. This process helps the immune system no longer see the excess hyaluronic acid as foreign material, allowing the body to recover naturally.

The hyaluronidase Liporase, manufactured by South Korean biotechnologists, will quickly help correct a beautician’s mistakes and naturally remove excess HA from the skin tissues.

When Can Liporase Be Used, And How Does It Work?

When we inject Liporase into an area previously treated with hyaluronic acid gel, it disintegrates the hyaluronic acid molecules. This process helps the body absorb and metabolize the dermal filler more quickly. As a result, the HA gel is softened or dissolved, leading to a reduction in volume and the correction of any undesired effects.

Liporase eliminates the effects of hypercorrection and repairs the strong cross-links of the BDDE agent, allowing the skin to regain elasticity and firmness after stopping adverse reactions. This product destroys stable sodium hyaluronate molecules, splitting them into low-molecular particles – oligomers – the body does not perceive these fragments as foreign, ensuring a quick recovery from an excess of filler.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, Liporase activates the functionality of fibroblasts, and restores and normalizes metabolic processes, positively affecting the skin’s quality. The depolymerizing solution reduces the risk of tissue necrosis and expansion by breaking down the excess filler into glucuronic acid and glucosamine.

Liporase solution is successfully used on patients who experience complications after hyaluronic acid gel injections or liposuction. It is also used to correct the result of injecting fillers into the dermis with an excess of gel. There is no age limit (over 18 years old).

Liporase guarantees lasting, excellent results for the following indications:

  • Adjusting the volume of injected hyaluronic acid in the layers of the dermis. But for this task, it is vital to accurately dose the appropriate amount of Liporase to prevent damage to molecules beyond the intended zone;
  • Treatment of granuloma and fibrous cellulitis;
  • Elimination of defects after lipolytic plastic surgery of the double chin or breasts;
  • An emergency solution in case of vascular compromise following filler injections; it disrupts the blood flow to the surrounding tissues. In this type of situation, immediate intervention is crucial. By enzymatically degrading the filler, Liporase stimulates its rapid absorption and elimination from the affected area, alleviating any obstructions in the blood vessels, leading to improved blood circulation and minimizing the potential for further complications;
  • Elimination of harmful swelling, fibrosis, and the consequences of hemorrhages in the dermis;
  • Prevention of necrosis from skin saturation with hyaluronic acid;
  • Addressing the Tyndall effect, which manifests as unnatural skin discoloration. This phenomenon occurs when light scatters or reflects differently in the presence of certain dermal fillers, resulting in an unwanted hue or shade on the skin;
  • Preparatory course for plastic surgery to remove scars.

Hyaluronidase splits proteoglycans (protein structures of the intercellular space) and hyaluronic acid into low molecular weight elements. Liporase activates metabolic processes in the tissues and promotes the removal of stagnant fluid.

These properties help reduce swelling, smooth skin irregularities, and eliminate compactions and the “orange peel” effect. As confirmed by numerous Liporase reviews, the impact of the treatment is noticeable even after a single procedure.

Liporase degrades the HA molecules by breaking down the chemical bonds within the hyaluronic acid structure and effectively dissolving the filler material.

Liporase cleaves the bonds between the sugar molecules in the hyaluronic acid structure. This enzymatic process facilitates the body’s rapid metabolism and absorption of HA, reducing or reversing the effects caused by hyaluronic acid fillers.

The rate at which Liporase breaks down HA can vary based on several factors, including the enzyme concentration, the quantity of filler present, and the specific characteristics of the hyaluronic acid used in the filler product.

A professional dermatologist or aesthetician always keeps an ampoule of hyaluronidase readily available. However, the decision to use Liporase and the specific treatment plan should be determined individually, taking into account the patient’s medical history, particular concerns, and the doctor’s expertise.

Is Liporase Safe?

Despite the safety of Liporase solution, it is advisable to perform a test injection to monitor the skin’s reaction and prevent any potential side effects. After the procedure, the patient must be supervised by a specialist for 30-60 minutes.

When prescribing a course of 2-3 sessions, a doctor must adhere to an interval of at least 5-7 days between injections. Cosmetologists must know the factors prohibiting the use of hyaluronidase with certain patients.

Liporase is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Hyperemia, profuse hemorrhages;
  • Intolerance of the depolymerizing enzyme;
  • Breastfeeding, pregnancy;
  • Infectious diseases, inflammations of any kind;
  • The presence of malignant neoplasms;
  • Patients under 18 years old.

Liporase should only be administered by experienced and trained medical professionals familiar with the proper usage and potential risks associated with the product.

Liporase Benefits

Liporase is highly efficient and fast-acting because it contains the optimal number of active units (U), with 1500 units in one bottle. One or two vials (up to 3000 IU) are enough to rehabilitate the affected area in case of hypercorrection with GC.

Proper identification of the injection zones is crucial when administering Liporase to prevent damaging the natural hyaluronic acid molecules vital for maintaining healthy dermis.

Liporase is manufactured to guarantee the following benefits:

  • Local effect focused on the problem area – Liporase’s most productive action begins immediately following the injection and is fixed within the first 48 hours;
  • Economical solution – a course of two sessions is enough to effectively treat the problem, which involves the use of no more than 4-6 vials, at 2-3 vials per week;
  • Versatility – Liporase is guaranteed to not only treat the effects of hypercorrection with subcutaneous gel, hyperemia, and fibrosis after liposuction, but also helps to prepare the patient for plastic surgery by eliminating severe scarring;
  • Simple preparation – the normalizing agent is easily introduced into problem areas by the injection technique to a depth of at least 1 cm – into the deep layers of the dermis. You will need a classic physiotherapeutic solution to dilute the vial’s contents. Only 1 ml of the auxiliary agent is required for one vial of the active substance, which makes the product beneficial when looking at the combination of Liporase cost for single-use criteria;
  • Biocompatibility – Liporase is synthesized in the cytoplasm of the human body, so it easily integrates with the natural components of dermal and subcutaneous cells without causing complications.

To get the best Liporase price and guarantee the product’s safety and authenticity, buy your hyaluronidase from an official Liporase supplier like Medica Depot.

Liporase Side Effects

Liporase (Hyaluronidase) is a protein agent, so it is possible for it to cause allergies. The doctor must conduct intradermal tests before starting a treatment session or at the preliminary consultation stage.

For the test, Liporase is diluted with the physiological solution, and the resulting substance is injected into the forearm. Within an hour, the doctor must observe the patient’s reaction. Hyaluronidase cannot be used if itching, inflammation, or redness occurs.

Liporase (Hyaluronidase) Ingredients

The preparation of Liporase involves combining the powder containing 1500 units with a sterile physiological solution. The product is pure with no preservatives and should be used immediately after dilution to maintain its efficacy.

Liporase is formulated with the following components:

  • Hyaluronidase (EP) at a concentration of 1500 IU;
  • Lactose Hydrate 13,3 mg.

Where to Buy Liporase products?

If you’re searching where to buy Liporase look no further. Our sales agents will provide you with helpful information and guide you after you register on Medica Depot.


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