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Emla For Preventing Pain

This product is for professional use only and is only sold to aesthetists, plastic surgeons, and special aesthetic clinics. Independent unprofessional use of the product may harm your health

Treatments With Emla Become Painless

The main purpose of anesthesia is suppression or reduction of sensitivity to pain. Local anesthesia is a type of anesthesia which blocks pain and other impulses from the area of intervention by interrupting nerve transmission.

Under anesthesia, the patient does not feel discomfort – they just wait for the end of the treatment.

Medicines that block painful impulses – local pain-numbing products practitioners use in several ways. Anesthetics can be applied to the surface of the skin and mucous membrane by lubrication or irrigation. The anesthetic solution can be injected into the tissues using a syringe and needle.

There are a number of painkillers to reduce discomfort from various unpleasant treatments and procedures. These products could be manufactured in the form of creams, gels, and sprays that help reduce pain. Their main application is local, 30-60 minutes before the start of the session.

Emla is an effective drug that has an anesthetic effect. The product is suitable for local anesthesia in a specific area. It is usually used in:

  • cosmetology,
  • medicine,
  • tattoo appointments (making tattoos and removing them).

Emla manufacturer creates this product in the form of a cream and plaster. The cream version is the most common. The packaging of the cream is 5g and 30g.

These products are suitable for treating adults and children of any age from birth. Depending on which form you are buying your product, Emla’s price could vary.

In addition to the analgesic effect, the active components in the cream have antibacterial properties, and castor oil has a softening and moisturizing effect on the skin.

To achieve the desired results, following medical recommendations and buying products from an official Emla supplier like our website is necessary.

How Emla Acts?

Emla was made to prevent pain from medical needle procedures and certain cosmetic procedures involving needles or lasers (tattoos included).

It works by numbing the application area of the skin for a short time. Emla provides a long-lasting anesthetic effect by deeply penetrating the dermis layers. Numbing lasts from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the thickness of the drug layer.

When Do You Need Emla?

The drug performs the function of external anesthesia of the skin during the following:

  • Injections, punctures, vascular catheterization

Emla numbing cream can make all needle experiences more comfortable and less painful for the patient. It may diminish their stress and fear of needles.

  • Superficial surgical interventions

Emla products can numb the skin before a variety of minor skin surgeries (including removal of warts, mollusca) and for skin biopsies.

  • Cosmetology procedures, epilation

Emla is widely used before injections, microblading, and microneedling. Also, it is recommended for different types of hair removal (including those affecting the mucous membrane of the genitals).

  • Tattoo appointments.

Bear in mind if you are planning a large tattoo, Emla’s numbing effect usually lasts at least 2 hours and can be left on the skin for about 5 hours. Never apply Emla on the broken skin (areas where needles have already pierced the skin).

Emla’s cost depends on the amount of the product in the package and other factors.

You can buy Emla online directly on our website.

Method Of Application And Dosage

Before prescribing Emla, doctors take into account the age of the patient and the purpose of using the cream. The drug does not have a wide list of contraindications. It is not toxic to the human body. But there is a possibility of developing local adverse reactions if the dosage regimen is violated.

Emla applies externally, on the skin or mucous membrane. If inserting a needle, for example, when catheterizing blood vessels and taking blood samples – lay half of a 5g tube (approximately 2g) per 10cm2 in a thick layer on the skin. Cover the area with an occlusive bandage. The application time is 1 hour, a maximum of 5 hours.

If Emla is used on the face, its application time might be reduced to 30 minutes. You might extend the application time to 60 minutes if the product absorbs difficulty.

For the anesthesia of the skin of the genitals, as a rule, you need to apply 1-2g of Emla cream. Application time for men is 15 minutes, and for women – 60 minutes.

As a pain relief during injections and other superficial manipulations for children, the dosage should not be more than 1g per 10 cm2 of skin. The composition is applied as a thick layer, after which a covering bandage is applied.

If a patient has atopic dermatitis, you should shorten the duration of the application. In such a situation, it should be 15-30 minutes.

In cosmetology, Emla is most often used for epilating the bikini and other areas of the body. For these procedures, the drug is applied as a thick layer to the desired areas and left for 30-60 minutes.

If you plan to use this product for hair removal on relatively large areas, you can dispose several tubes of the product (but not more than 60g).

Lasting Effect of Emla

Application time:

  • an hour after application, the skin becomes numb to a depth of 0.2 cm;
  • 2 hours after application, nerve endings located at a depth of 0.3 cm lose their sensitivity;
  • 10 minutes after distribution on the mucous membranes, complete anesthesia occurs.

The drug works for 2 hours on the skin and 20 minutes on the mucous membranes.

Emla’s Safety

Emla affects the surface vessels of the skin, which can be manifested by paleness or, on the contrary:

  • slight redness of the treated surface,
  • slight burning sensation,
  • heat in the first minutes of application.

Such phenomena are temporary and usually pass quickly on their own. If the unpleasant symptoms do not disappear but, on the contrary, increase, you should remove the cream right away.

These effects indicate the development of allergies:

  • pain,
  • severe itching,
  • swelling and irritation of the skin.

If you notice any from this list, the cream must be removed immediately, and the remains washed off with water.

You can’t use Emla cream in cases of:

  • Allergies to Emla’s components.
  • Any damage to the skin (dermatitis, herpes).
  • Open wounds, except for trophic ulcers and injuries at the application site.
  • Methemoglobinemia.

It is undesirable to apply the drug to such areas:

  • On the area around the eyes. Possible irritation and damage to the cornea may occur. If the product gets into the eyes, wash them with water immediately.
  • In the auricle because of the risk of reaching the middle ear.

The product should be kept out of reach of children. The temperature regime should not exceed 30 degrees. It is forbidden to freeze the product.

Benefits And Side Effects of Emla

Emla’s Main Advantages

Due to Emla reviews, it is popular among consumers as an effective pain reliever during many procedures.

Benefits of the product:

  • high efficiency,
  • long analgesic effect (up to 5 hours),
  • safety confirmed by medical research,
  • quick application,
  • the possibility of using Emla cream during pregnancy after consulting a doctor.

Emla’s Intricacies

Like all medicines, Emla products can cause side effects. However, only some people get them.

Such things may occur at the site of application:

  • paleness or redness of the skin,
  • slight puffiness,
  • initial burning,
  • itching.

This is normal and will disappear in a short while.

If your patient experiences any troublesome or unusual effects while you are using Emla, stop using it immediately.

In babies up to 3 months, the effectiveness and harmlessness of Emla is determined after using a single amount. At this age, there is a risk of a short-term increase in the amount of methemoglobin. This condition can be observed for up to 13 hours and has no clinical significance.

Other Common Complications

Emla cream contains castor oil polyethoxylated and hydrogenated, which can cause skin reactions.

Possible adverse effects

If your client experienced insufficient analgesia, it could be due to one of those factors:

  • You applied not enough cream to the surface of the skin.
  • The cream-treated surface was not covered with an occlusive film.
  • Perhaps (due to a low pain threshold) the time for applying the cream on the skin needs to be increased to 2 hours (according to the instructions, the maximum permissible application time is 5 hours).
  • You got a fake or outdated product. To avoid this, you should buy this drug only from an official Emla wholesaler, like our website.

What To Do After Applying Emla

After applying, don’t rub in the cream – you need a thick layer for the numbing effect.

Cover the area with an air-tight, water-tight dressing.

When it’s time for the procedure, remove the cover and wipe off the cream.

Components Of Emla

Emla ingredients list:

  • lidocaine 25 mg,
  • prilocaine 25 mg,

auxiliary substances:

  • polyoxyl hydrogenated castor oil (Arlaton 289),
  • carboxy polymethylene,
  • sodium hydroxide to bring the pH to 8.7-9.7,
  • purified water.

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