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Dermal Fillers / By  Medica Depot Team

22 Sep

Owning and operating a cosmetic medical practice means keeping up with injectable trends, so you can keep your patients coming back for more. While procedures like Botox and dermal fillers will never go out of style, there may come a time when you feel like your practice has stagnated.

Fortunately, new procedures are always undergoing development and clinical testing; keeping your offerings fresh is a matter of paying attention to what your patients want, which in turn will help grow your business. In this article, we’ll explore the popular trends emerging in 2020.

Injectable Boosters

There’s no doubt that social media plays an important role in medical cosmetics’ changing trends. With the proliferation of filters on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, many patients wish to emulate this airbrushed quality.

A number of procedures work to create a flawlessly smooth face. While booster shots of nutrient-rich amino acid and sodium hyaluronate have been popular in recent years, new procedures are coming to the forefront.

An innovation in injectable boosters that has recently become popular in Europe involves injecting Botox (or any other neurotoxin) and hyaluronic acid more superficially than is typical. Implanting the injectable in the superficial layers of the skin rather than in the dermis has been shown to increase hydration, smooth out the skin, eliminate shadows, and even help with skin issues like rosacea. This is particularly effective if combined with standard filler or Botox treatment.


Microneedling is another procedure seeing increased innovation. Aquagold Microneedling is adding a new dimension to boutique medical cosmetics by providing personalized neuromodulator formulas for each patient. This delivers nutrient-rich ingredients to the skin following injectable procedures, taking results to the next level.

Microneedling has also found a new delivery system with antioxidant skin patches. These patches have microneedles on the underside that pierce the skin and distribute antioxidants before dissolving. Studies have shown that these patches, which can be administered at home, can improve sun damage, increase brightness, and decrease wrinkles without causing irritation.

New research on the causes of acne has big implications for these treatments. Studies now suggest that the problem begins with the oil inside our pores, which can easily develop into acne with free radical damage. Preventing free radical damage with antioxidants may be key to preventing pimples.

Korean Beauty (K-Beauty)

K-Beauty has steadily been making its way to the forefront of western beauty for many years. Going forward, expect to see this trend continue from skincare and makeup into the field of medical cosmetics. One area it’s sure to impact is the lips!

One K-Beauty standard that we might see more of is referred to as ‘cherry lips.’ This look favors the enhanced pout of popular Korean pop stars over the overly full look of American celebrities. It emphasizes the Cupid’s bow and center of the mouth, using filler injections to the middle of the upper and lower lips.

We can also look to Korean beauty trends for a solution to the issue of an angry or unpleasant ‘resting’ face. Lift edge filler is a technique that uses hyaluronic acid filler injections above the outer corners of the mouth to create a softer upturned tilt to the edges of the lips. The result is a subtle smile as opposed to a resting frown, which can become a bigger issue as we age and the outer corners of our mouths begin to droop.

Injectable Butt Lift

As the year progresses, the trend toward bigger and rounder backsides will continue. However, new methods of filler application may change the way patients attain the increased volume they desire.

Practitioners have been using filler in the buttocks for many years, and the amount injected is often comparable to that of fat transfer procedures. Less invasive than surgical options, using filler in this area has fewer complications, lesser downtime and also adds an element of status to the procedure as it is quite expensive.


Leaning into injectable trends will help you expand your services and keep your clientele happy. In 2020, trends continue to be heavily influenced by beauty standards set by social media platforms like Instagram and by increasingly popular international aesthetics.

Though some techniques require off-label use, clinical studies continue to test and affirm innovation in the field, ensuring that you can help your patients achieve their aesthetic goals – safely.