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HYNIDASE® 1500iu (English Alternative)


Brand: Hynidase

Manufacturer: Shreya Life Sciences
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronidase I.P. (Ovine)
Strength: 1500 IU
Pack Size: 20 x vials containing 1500
Accessories: Package Insert, 20 x vials containing 1500

Buy Hynidase to dissolve hyaluronic acid-based filler treatments. Help your patients achieve the results they desire and place your order today! We strive to offer you the lowest wholesale prices on your desired medical supplies, so we will try our best to match or beat a lower price elsewhere. You can make your purchases by phone from one of our customer service representatives, or you can securely order your desired products online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hynidase is an injectable enzyme solution used to remove hyaluronic acid fillers from the site of implant for the management of adverse effects. Hynidase is provided in vials in the form of a freeze-dried powder that should be reconstituted prior to use. This product is manufactured by Shreya Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.

Instant effects: Hynidase instantly works on the filler, making this product suitable for emergency intervention to prevent serious complications arising.
Multiple applications: Hynidase works exclusively on hyaluronic acid-based fillers to treat a variety of associated complications, in both emergent and non-emergent situations.

20 x vials containing 1500 I.U. Hynidase for reconstitution for injection
package insert

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that catalyzes the rapid breakdown of hyaluronic acid. This medication is traditionally used to enhance the absorption and delivery of other injected drugs as it modifies the permeability of connective tissue. Aesthetic doctors usually employ Hynidase to quickly dissolve cosmetic fillers made of hyaluronic acid. This is needed for a number of reasons, including unsatisfactory aesthetic results (e.g. over-correction, Tyndell effect, asymmetry) and the development of complications such as granulomas, inflammatory nodules, vascular obstruction, or tissue necrosis.

Hyaluronidase I.P. (Ovine), 1500 IU

Effects of Hynidase treatment are permanent, as the hyaluronic acid product it treats is dissolved completely.

Hynidase produces effects that typically result in no recovery time.

Hynidase is intended for injection only. Do not administer this product intravascularly.
This product should be administered by a qualified healthcare professional with knowledge of the local anatomy and training in administering hyaluronidase for dissolving dermal fillers.
As with all transdermal procedures, observe all practices with regards to asepsis to minimize risk of infections.
Do not inject in patients with demonstrated hypersensitivity to ovine-derived products.
Hypersensitivity is a notable complication of hyaluronidase injections. For this reason, allergy testing is recommended in non-acute cases.


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