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Manufacturer: Solta Medical
Strength: 450 REP
Pack Size: 1 piece

The Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP is a specialized Thermage Treatment Tip specifically designed to deliver precise and shallow heating to the delicate thin skin of the eyelids. This tip, which is 0.25cm² in size, is used with the Thermage CPT system to tighten and smooth the upper and lower eyelids, thereby tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles and eyelid hooding, and making the eyes appear more open.

Where can I buy this product?

You can order Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP online from or by calling our friendly customer service associates.

What does this product come with?

A package of this product comes with one Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP, which is supplied in sterile packaging, and a package insert.

What are the benefits of this product?

Thermage CPT treatment with the 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP offers many benefits. The procedure is noninvasive, mostly painless, and effective, making it a viable alternative to eyelid surgery. For practitioners, the procedure is straightforward and easy to administer and delivers predictable results.

How does this product work?

Thermage CPT lifts and tightens aging or lax skin through the use of radiofrequency energy pulses. Through these pulses, heat is delivered deep into dermal tissues underlying the treatment area to cause contraction of the collagen fibral, which leads to an immediate tightening effect on the treated skin, and the production of new collagen at the same site over subsequent months, which in turn improves the tightening effects and results in tissue remodeling of the area and the subsequent reduction in rhytids.

A key factor in treatment success is preservation of the superficial skin layer. This is achieved by the addition of a cryogen unit that serves to cool the epidermis and prevent it from overheating. Additionally, Thermage CPT technology uses vibration to increase patient comfort.

What are the ingredients?

Each Thermage CPT system contains a radiofrequency generator, a cryogen unit, and a Handpiece component where a Thermage Treatment Tip, such as the Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP, is attached. The Thermage Treatment Tip used on a Thermage CPT device for treatment determines the size of the radiofrequency energy pulses and the depth of their delivery; each Thermage treatment Tip is designed to treat specific treatment areas and applications.

The 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP dispenses shallow and precise heating that targets the deep dermal layers of the skin around the eyes. This Treatment Tip is configured to provide 450 pulses of radiofrequency energy.

Use Instructions

How to inject/administer this product

Thermage CPT treatment should be administered by a qualified and trained medical doctor in a medical office setting. The patient should remove any contact lenses before the procedure, and the eyelid area should be removed of makeup and gently cleansed. A few drops of numbing solution (proparacaine or tetracaine) is instilled in an eye before placing a sterile plastic eye shield to guard against ocular injury.

A grid is applied via ink transfer to the targeted area. This grid helps guide the practitioner on pulse placement. Before starting treatment, the area to be treated should be applied with a thick layer of Coupling Fluid. The Handpiece with a Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP attached to it is used to place pulses of radiofrequency energy to the targeted skin in a nonoverlapping, non-staggered method. Throughout the application, the skin is periodically sprayed with cooling bursts to avoid overheating the surface of the skin. After the procedure is done, the grid tattoo can be removed with isopropyl alcohol, and the treated area should also be cleansed.

When should I use this product?

Use a 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP with a Thermage CPT system when you intend to treat the periorbital area of a patient.

What areas can I treat with this product?

The 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP is designed for use on periorbital skin, including the upper and lower eyelids. Radiofrequency treatments, including Thermage CPT, can be safely used on all skin types.

How long do results last?

The results of a single treatment session with Thermage CPT is enough to meet most patients’ aesthetic needs. The results typically last one to two years. It should be noted that the immediate results from a Thermage CPT treatment session improve over two to six months after the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for this product?

Thermage CPT treatment with this Eye Tip applicator works best on patients who are looking to treat periorbital skin laxity, which may manifest itself in concerns like eyelid hooding, fine lines and wrinkles, or drooping eyelids. This treatment is not suited for patients with significant hooding: For these patients, surgery may be a better solution. Other individuals who are not right for Thermage CPT treatment include pregnant women, patients with a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device, and patients with active skin infection(s) in their planned treatment area.

Why should I purchase this product?

With its integrated Comfort Plus Technology, Thermage CPT offers treatment that is not only effective but comfortable for the patient. Its non-invasive nature and efficacy make Thermage CPT the go-to device for skin tightening solutions for many medical practitioners.

Are there any side effects?

Expected side effects of a treatment session with the Thermage CPT system include mild swelling and redness. These effects are minor and should subside within 24 hours of the session. Some patients may develop a scab, crust, or blister in their particular treated area; these are again minor effects and can be treated like any other scab or blister.

Rarely, small skin indentations may develop as a result of Thermage CPT treatment. These indentations are usually self-resolving and transient, but they may be permanent in rare cases.  Other rare side effects include tingling or altered sensation at the treatment site; these effects usually take about a week to subside.

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