Hyaluronic acid-based filler for lip augmentation
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Manufacturer: Vivacy
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, mannitol
Strength: 18.5mg/ml
Pack Size: 1-1ml prefilled syringe
Other Known Names: STYLAGE® Special Lips (1x1ml)
Accessories: Package insert, 2-30G 1/2

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What Is Stylage Special Lips?

Stylage Special Lips is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler indicated for the enhancement of the lip border and the augmentation of lip volume. With this, it offers a less-invasive, subtler alternative to lip augmentation. It should be injected into and around the lip mucosa to add volume or shape to this area. Stylage Special Lips is an impermanent form of therapy, meaning that it will slowly be resorbed into the body over a period of time.

Stylage Special Lips is also available with Lidocaine, click here to see prices.

Where can I buy this product?

If you are a licensed medical practitioner, you may purchase Stylage Special Lips online at or via phone. Help your patients achieve plump, beautiful lips with your purchase of Stylage Special Lips.

What does this product come with?

Each package of Stylage Special Lips is delivered with:

  • 1 prefilled 1.0ml syringe;
  • 2-30G½” needles;
  • 1 package insert;
  • And a set of labels to ensure traceability.

What are the benefits of this product?

Like other dermal fillers used for lip augmentation, Stylage Special Lips is made from hyaluronic acid. However, the hyaluronic acid in Stylage Special Lips is highly cross-linked for extra resilience with Vivacy Laboratories' patented IPN-Like Technology. Stylage Special Lips also contains the antioxidant mannitol, which helps to prevent the hyaluronic acid from breaking down quickly in the body.

How does this product work?

When implanted into the lips, Stylage Special Lips instantly lifts and fills them, adding volume and smoothing any wrinkling. With this, you can sculpt the lips to correct any cosmetic deficiencies, such as disproportionality or asymmetry. The gel is made up of stabilized hyaluronic acid, a compound found naturally within the body. This substance has an innate ability to attract water molecules, which, in this case, hydrates the lips while also emphasizing their shape.

What are the ingredients?

This filler is composed of 18.5mg/g of sodium hyaluronate, mannitol, and a pH 7.2 phosphate buffer.

Use Instructions

How to inject/administer this product

Stylage Special Lips is to be administered by injection into or around the lip mucosa by a qualified, licensed medical practitioner. Before starting the procedure, ensure that your patient is informed on the expected results, indications, contraindications, precautions, and potential adverse events related to a Stylage Special Lips treatment. Then, prepare the site of injection by disinfecting the area with an appropriate antiseptic. Assemble the syringe by attaching the supplied needle to it securely, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Inject the product slowly, employing the linear threading or serial puncture injection techniques, or a combination of both. After the injection, massage the treated area gently to distribute the product evenly.

When should I use this product?

Stylage Special Lips was created specifically for treating the lips and the lip area, especially in patients who have lost lip volume due to aging or who have naturally thin lips. You can use Stylage Special Lips to correct disproportionate upper and lower lips or to define the lip contours or vermillion border. Additionally, it may be used to restore hydration to dry, red lips, or to reduce the look of perioral lines or smoker's lines.

What areas can I treat with this product?

Stylage Special Lips was developed specifically to be used in the lips or in the area around the lips. How long do results last? The lips are a highly mobile area of the body, with constant movement from talking, eating, and smiling. Stylage Special Lips contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid as well as Mannitol, enabling it to last longer within your patient's lips without being resorbed. Most of your patients should continue to enjoy their plump, beautiful lips for about 6 to 9 months after their initial treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for this product?

Viable candidates for treatment are individuals who are seeking to correct aesthetic deficiencies or to enhance their lips. These candidates should not have a history of hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

Why should I purchase this product?

Stylage Special Lips allows your patients restore or enhance their lips—and purchasing from Medica Depot allows you to save money and receive product quickly.

Are there any side effects?

Injections of hyaluronic acid may cause irritation, especially in the sensitive lip area. Possible side effects include pain, tenderness, itching, erythema (redness), other discoloration, or swelling in the injection site. Any adverse effects should be reported to a healthcare professional.

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