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Shipping and Returns Policy


Any order placed through Medica Depot is shipped out the same day the order is placed, provided the product is in stock, your account is verified and the order is placed before 6:00EST. Your orders through Medica Depot ship only with express shipping companies (ex.Parcel Force, DHL, TNT, Deutsche Post), which ensures you get your goods in a timely manner without every having to worry about how your package has been treated. When shipping, your goods are taken care of the way they should be. Even though we do not charge you for shipping, we spend the extra money to ship your goods with an express shipping company because we do our very best to make sure you get your order safely and quickly. Just because you are getting a great price does not mean you should have to compromise on the service that you receive. The only time that you may be charged a shipping fee is if you are requesting a faster delivery than is normally allotted for your order.


In the unlikely instance that you received your requested goods and are unhappy with it Medica Depot will have refunds issued.

Medica Depot will have refunds issued only if:
- the packaging of the product was misrepresented to you at the time of your purchase
- the product is damaged upon receipt by you
- upon initial use the product is proven to be inactive

In any of the situations listed above you are required to hold the products until a solution is determined by Medica Depot.

If being shipping back it is expected that the product be placed in packaging that is the same or similar to that which you originally received the goods in.

In the event that a refund is found to be required you have the option to either have the order or portion of the order re-shipped, or receive a full refund.