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Hyaluronic acid-based filler for hydration
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Pack Size: 1 pre-filled syringe
Strength: 1ml
Manufacturer: Croma
Origin: Europe

Product Name: PRINCESS® RICH.
Active composition: Sodium hyaluronate 18 mg/ml, glycerol 20 mg/ml, phosphate-citrate buffer pH 6.8-7.6 q.s.
Volume and packaging: 1x1 ml syringes.
Manufacturer: CROMA GmbH.
Origin: Europe.
Accessory: Contains 1x1 ml syringes, 2 30G x 1/2” needles, packaging insert.
Storage Conditions: Store between 2oC and 25oC. Keep away from sunlight.
Note: Sterile packaging.

PRINCESS® RICH is a sterile biodegradable, viscoelastic, clear, transparent, isotonic and homogenized injectable implant. PRINCESS® RICH consists of non-animal sodium hyaluronate, obtained from Streptococcus equi bacteria. Each box contains one syringe of PRINCESS® RICH, two 30G ½” disposable sterile needles reserved for injection of PRINCESS® RICH and a product leaflet. A set of two labels showing the batch number is situated at the bottom of the box. One of these labels should be attached to the patient’s file and the other should be given to the patient in order to ensure traceability.

Why should I purchase PRINCESS® RICH for my clinic?

PRINCESS® RICH is a mesotherapy treatment that uses hyaluronic acid and glycerol to help restore moisture to your patient's skin, and you can order PRINCESS® RICH online from When you buy wholesale PRINCESS® RICH from Medica Depot, you can help reverse the first signs of aging and skin damage by rehydrating skin for a brighter, smoother, more youthful appearance.


PRINCESS® RICH is an injectable dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, similar to the hyaluronic acid found naturally within the dermis and other areas of the body, as well as glycerol. The hyaluronic acid in PRINCESS® RICH is highly purified and does not come from animal sources, so no allergy test is needed before treatment. Both hyaluronic acid and glycerol have moisturizing properties and act to rehydrate skin that has become dry through aging, exposure to the sun and UV radiation, str

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