What is Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine?

Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine is a cosmetic filler made with hyaluronic acid, with the anesthetic lidocaine for treatment comfort. Doctors inject this filler to restore facial structure in the chin, cheeks, and other facial areas, and to augment lips. The elastic gel provides natural-looking results while the ergonomically-optimized device helps the individual administering the injections remain comfortable during treatment.

Where can I buy this cosmetic filler?

You can buy Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine online from Medica Depot. Experience the convenience of purchasing this and other medical products online while benefiting from low, wholesale prices when you buy one at a time or one hundred at a time. Buy this and other genuine brand-name dermal fillers online, by phone, or by fax.

What comes with this cosmetic filler?

In 1 package, you will receive 1 prefilled syringe of hyaluronic acid gel, 2-27 G½” needles, 2 traceability labels, and 1 product leaflet.

What are the benefits of this cosmetic filler?

  • Genuine, brand-name filler from Croma-Pharma, an innovative European manufacturer.
  • Made with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance trusted for its aesthetic benefits.
  • Contains lidocaine for more comfortable treatments.
  • Highly-elastic gel helps provide natural-looking results.
  • Lasts 6 months to a year or more after just 1 or 2 treatments.

How does Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine work?

This injectable gel is made of hyaluronic acid, which has a highly elastic formula. Once you inject the hyaluronic acid into your patient's skin, the particles retain moisture, restoring volume and hydration. This volume helps support skin to sculpt the cheeks, chin, or other areas. In addition to this volume-creating and hydrating ability, hyaluronic acid can also help strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. The lidocaine added to this injectable acts as an anesthetic during treatment, reducing needle pain for greater patient comfort.

What are the ingredients in Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine?

This dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid along with lidocaine for pain relief.

What is the difference between this and other Pluryal products?

This dermal filler is available in Classic and Volume formulas, with and without lidocaine. The presence of Lidocaine helps make treatment more comfortable while saving the injector from having to apply a separate anesthetic. The filler without lidocaine is appropriate for patients who cannot use an anesthetic. The Classic formula helps smooth wrinkles while the Volume formula helps restore larger amounts of volume to an area. Pluryal is also available as Booster, which aims to increase skin hydration without volume, and Meso I and II, containing amino acids to boost skin rejuvenation.

Use Instructions

How to administer Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine

Inject this hyaluronic acid gel using a 27G needle, following proper aseptic techniques. If desired, massage the treated area after the injection to ensure even distribution.

When should I use this dermal filler?

Inject this filler in smaller amounts, in 2 or more treatment sessions, to achieve the desired correction. Readminister the injections every 12 to 16 months to maintain results.

How long do results last?

Results of this treatment can last about 6 to 12 or even up to 16 months.

What areas of the body can I treat with this cosmetic filler?

You can use this hyaluronic acid filler to augment the cheeks and lips, to remodel the chin or jawline, to reshape the nose as an alternative to rhinoplasty, and to restore volume to the back of hands. This helps sculpt and restore facial structure for a more youthful, contoured look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine treatments?

The ideal candidate for Pluryal Volume is a patient who is experiencing age-related volume loss in their cheeks, hands, or other areas, or one who would like to adjust the shape of their nose, lips, or other areas. The lidocaine makes this treatment most suitable for patients who are uncomfortable with the potential needle pain.

Why should I purchase Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine?

Purchase this cosmetic filler to help your patients restore youthful volume to their aging faces. Pluryal is made by Croma-Pharma, a modern European manufacturer, so you and your patients know you can count on this injectable to provide quality results. The inclusion of lidocaine in this filler helps make treatments more comfortable for patients, saving you the time and energy applying or mixing in your own anesthetic, and the ergonomically-optimized syringe makes treatment more comfortable for you as well. Most of all, by purchasing Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine from Medica Depot, you save money with low wholesale prices.

What are Pluryal Volume with Lidocaine's side effects?

Side effects can include:

  • Discomfort;
  • Redness;
  • Itching;
  • Tenderness;
  • Bruising.

Side effects usually disappear within 48 hours. These may not be all the possible side effects.

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